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Video For Vivian Shi

Vivian Shiask me to shoot video about one of her photo-shoot in Beijing, of course i cannot refuse it ;) Here the video (sorry no youtube...too lazy to get VPN)Thanks again for the invitation Vivi!!!EditViviane was invited for a show called "CROSSOVER" On CCTV 9 (english)i was surprised that they show the video, i made for her on the show ^_^Thanks again Viviane!!

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oh man, tough assignment! :-P actually its great to see you guys collaborating. this is what AnD is all about!
over 13 years ago
Photo 49112
@etchy 你说的对!i want more collboration with each others!! AnD rulez!
over 13 years ago
Photo 74817
Nice job!!! Lucky man!!! Hé hé hé! :)
over 13 years ago
Photo 261052
Great work bro!~ I saw it on ur weibo last night.. :) Keep it up and lets do some more collabo in HK or BJ soon!~ Cheers
over 13 years ago
Photo 76362
Great work ZhouLe! I like it, like it, like it.
over 13 years ago
Photo 30783
tres bien! great! looks like ur off to a good 2011 too man! =)
over 13 years ago
Photo 34128
Congrats. Hey, let's collaborate on lunch.
over 13 years ago


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