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不可抗力(bu ke kang li) MV :Shang Town Anthem shooting!

Yesterday night,In less than 5 hours we done with the shooting of the first 不可抗力 MV with young cee, Loop, Kloudz, lui, Shoutdogg, in studio.

Lot of fun, lot of beer, lot of stress also (my camera died one hour before the shoot)

And thanks to my bros, Stanley, B-Kut and Read more

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How Shanghai TV channel works...

Since Monday, i'm doing the new opening for a tv show, broadcast on ICS...

Today, the boss come and say "forget the animation for our tv show(...) We have meeting for a new projects"


but the meeting wasn't cool at all for me after 2 minutes.

A very shanghai small tv chanel need new visual identity for them, sounds good for me!

But when they say, i have to do the opening and ending for each news (morning, after noon, evening and midnight), for few shows, a...Read more

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建国大业 (jian guo da ye) the movie celebrate the PRC 60 th anniversary

I saw the trailer of this chinese movie will be release at september 17 for celebrate the 60th anniversary of the chinese governement.....

i was surprised to see so many actors:

Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Tony Leung Kar Fai, Andy Lau, Zi Yi Zhang, Leon Lai and more

here the trailer with all stars:


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Dragon Ball multiverse

Ehehe, it's not the the secon (bad) movie....

Dragon Ball Multiverse (DBM) is a free online comic, made by two french fans. It's the sequel to DBZ.

The Manga is similar than the real one, the guy have a good skill!

look this one!

And the good point is the manga is translate in english, french, japanese, flemish, dutch, chinese, italian, spanish.....Read more

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Eclipse in Shanghai

Unfortunately, the weather is very bad today in Shanghai... cloudy, rainy :(

So i cannot see the sun at all T-T

How amazing it was, when the morning turn into the night for few minutes, so scary....

and the air was fresher, i was thinking , how can we live without the sun as well? -_-

here some pics this morning at 9.35 it was look like its 9.00 PM ^_^

Read more

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Shanghai Building Collapse + fun

Few days ago, Etchy write down a blog about the building falls in shanghai...

Some chinese "netizens" make many funny photoshops of this incident.

Read more

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Street fight : car bonus stage... in real!

i found this video on yukou lolll

it was pretty hilarious, i dont know if its in japan or china but anyway its so... funny!!!!

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the most funny thing happen since i'm in china!

one year ago, Aaron Kwok came in shanghai, i think 'cause he had a concert this time... i don't really remember.

i was at home when B-kut call me and say "My friend need two bodyguard"

i thought he was joking at me... cause... look at me, how can i be a bodyguard?? And for who?

he answer that its for someone very famous.

so i say ok why not it will be funny play a thiny bodyguard.... when i ask "when?" he say in 1 hour....

thanks my friend....Read more

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Why we pull the trigger

Eric Lin posted an articles about his short movie for a netflix contest.I dont him personaly, but i like help, so i share his page and ask u guys to vote for his movie^^

here his message

(click here for the original)

H...Read more

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For Racks, M.D.B. stands for Music, Drinks & Billiards. But on June 12th, M.D.B. stands for MOBB DEEP, B*ATCHES!!!!!! Yep, that's right. Undisputed hip hop hall of famers, MOBB DEEP will be performing for the first time in mainland China at Racks M.D.B. Shanghai on Friday, June 12, 2009. RMB100 presale, RMB150 at the door.   

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Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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