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back to beijing!!

Im back to My town! and i already miss HK!  these 8 days was very very intense for me, i didnt really sleep all these days.i went to the puma party ,music battle, asia film award, i shoot my short movie, i work also in same time for a client based in Beijing......i was very happy to see my friends i didnt see since longtime Michael, Harry,  Patrick, Raffi, And meet new guys Alan, Joe! and an amazing korean actoress Moon Choi :) .it was a blast to shoot this movie with you guys!!!im looking forward for the new one , hehe :)i dont have time to upload any picture right now... i cant only upload this one right now ;)Photo took by Dan Findlay owner of "Blck Brd"tomorrow more pictures :)

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It was a wild and crazy week you were here for and wouldn't have been the same without you. hahah! Great to finally meet and work with you. Excited to see how it comes out.
about 13 years ago
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hey! im back too! holla
about 13 years ago
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great to see you again finally! you really came the right week man, tons of events to attend.
about 13 years ago
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@Etchy yes... it was very... tired week ^_^ but im waiting for a new one! xD
about 13 years ago


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