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Where am i from? Part 2

few days ago, i was talking about where i go , i will always be a stranger...funny that one day later, i went for meet a director who own a video production for some nice clients and they was looking for some freelancer.  i went there, i met him, the first and normal question was "whats my REAL name?" so i say my name Is "Said Chaou" (like the guy in LOST, tv show). and he start to repeat my name "said, said, said, said, said..... you are muslim, isn't??" i tried to stay calm and say "Said is an arabian name, no religion quotation on it , and mean "happy" (why my chinese name is 乐 - Le means happy) he start to laughed, so i say, you have problem with my name? he say "no no, its just funny" i didnt ask him why he thought its funny"so later get a tea to drink, he was watching my works and he start again say my name and laugh "said, said, said , said", i lost control of myself "dude if you have problem with my name just tell me" he say no no "its just funny that you say you are not muslim but u have muslim name"i didnt need to explain anything, i took my works back and say "bye bye"what an asshole! Sometimes i can shut my mouth up but for something like that,, i prefer lost a business than get humiliate around

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Yeah... These assholes are everywhere!!! So are you a muslim??? Ha ha ha ha! Nah, just kidding... Prends soin de toi...
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Belgian independant filmmaker in China! Making some cool short films online! 比利時導演住中國拍攝酷的微電影。

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