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(2010)蔡詩蕓 Dominique Tsai - 藏起來的愛 官方完整版MV HD版本

藏起來的愛 (曲/編/製) ‖蔡詩蕓∥【NoNo】∥2010.10

This is by far my favorite song that I’ve done with Dominique (and we’ve probably done like 14 songs together already). I remember the day we wrote this, I just kept listening to it over and over again. I couldn’t stop. You know you’ve written a good song when you can’t stop listening to it. And unfortunately there’s a really sad story to go along with it. One of Dom’s best friends in the States passed away suddenly. She came over, told me what happened, was pretty ...Read more

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Alan Kuo Rocking Out!!! 柯有倫"無畏無懼"

無畏無懼 (製)     ‖柯有倫∥【無畏無懼】∥2010.12

Alright, my wife is taking a nap, so I’m not if I got the Chinese right. I also don’t know the title of the album. I’m totally faking this one. But it’s too awesome not to post right away.. Basically I just produced this one. And it was the easiest production of mt life. When I was working with Allen Wes on 生存權 (編/製)     ‖艾玮伦‖【首張創作單曲】‖2010.02 , he ended up giving me about 100 mp3’s of the best rock arrangements I’ve ever heard. Allen Wes can arrange these Limp Bizkit s...Read more

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It's Over Now by Jun Kung

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf0SnzCj9uYI'm super proud of this one!! It looks amazing!! And this is one of the few songs I've done, that was solely done through the internet. I didn't meet Jun, Steve, or Ray once when we we're doing this one. We just kept recording tracks, uploading, downloading, and internet jamming.. So 2010...

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倪安東 (Anthony Neely) - "Sorry That I Loved You" MV

Believe it or not, this is the first English song I've done for Taiwan.. I'm super proud of this one.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sz-6k8Wdm8U&feature=related

After only one day, it's already #1 on Taiwan's Western Chart.

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My Future Daughter!!

For those who didn't get the facebook news, my wife has been pregnant for 7 months with our future daughter!!! Everything is going perfectly, and we couldn't be happier.. We wrote a song for her, and I spent forever trying to sing it in chinese.. I wrote the music, my wife TingChu wrote the lyrics.. Just wanted to share it with you all!!

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Did I mention I got married?

I met up with Etchy tonight for dinner, and turns out I forgot to mention on alivenotdead that I got married!!! Ting Chu and I tied the knot on February 6th, 2010!! I have about a billion pictures from that day, but instead of uploading all of them, I can post this video instead. Our friend, Emily Cheng, was there the entire day taking pictures, and later made a music video out of them!!

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"Devil" by Van Ness Wu ft. The Empire

Finally someone put up this song on youtube!! Now I can share it with everyone!!

This is the song we recorded with Van Ness in my Mom's basement. Holding fans to act like pop filters, everyone in the same little room while we record everything. Mixed by myself at home on this little laptop.. And still sounds so good!!! I wish I could work with every artist this way!!!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffyOcIXHWjE<...Read more

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I kinda got a #1 song in Taiwan!!

So I wrote, arranged and produced a song for a guy in Taiwan called Yoga Lin aka 林宥嘉. Here's the MV they shot for the song called "Senses" or "感同身受"


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xw43V7RVgE And turns out the record companies give each radio station a different song to play. So they gave my song only to Hit Radio in Taiwan, and gave different songs from Yoga's album to different radio stations. I gue...Read more

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I finally found my favorite youtube video|我終於找到我最喜歡的Youtube視頻|我终于找到我最喜欢的Youtube视频

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3kyNGVK-hI I know I haven't blogged for a long time.. My bad.. But don't think I just fell off the map. I've been searching for these past 3 months for the perfect youtube video to post..

And ladies and gentlemen... I present you something that will blow your mind, and then keep blowing it...

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I played this video for a couple of my musician friends.. And they thought it was real.. So I will be honest for once in my life, and tell you that this isn't real!! But it's pure genius!!! Some guy at www.stsanders.com made this. He took live show footage and replaced the music behind it.. And the result... GENIUS!!!!

And here's Santana Rockin Out So HARD!!!

Video: http://www.youtube....Read more

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