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so my life is a little back in order. not 100 percent. i guess all this makes no sense unless you understood the juggernaut that is about to be unleashed. . i woke up this morning and noticed my boxers said "your lucky day".lets take a step back and examine my life of late. I have dated for close to four years now and the one attempt i did to let a girl charm the wits end outta me...i messed it up doing the same action as now-blogging. i also no longer drink and have been off smoking for over a year now. i have no form of a social life and i got to the gym often twice a day. i celebrate sundays by treating myself to an ice cream. as for music...who the hell knows what will ever become of it. things have changed and where my music career is, as the last few years prior, is more or less debatable. I think i lost a sense of why I am here in the first place but nevertheless i remain super good at what i do. incredibly good at what i do. you don't expect me to being saying anything otherwise now i hope not.i noticed while the time i was away that my views jumped to 100000 odd. now i don't know how my blog is viewed that much considering i live in solitude these days. i can only assume 1. malfunction2. the music i make or write is really getting out to you guys and it might have led you here.if my music is doing something for you, i'm more than happy, i'm content and fulfilled.hello. or hello again. my name is terry lee, terrytyelee or simply The World's Greatest Like Muhammad Ali and I'm back.......this time...i think i'm gonna stay!

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nice to hear from you!
about 10 years ago
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Reflection is the best way to get yourself back on track: Reflect on what you want from life Reflect on where you were Reflect on where you are now Reflect on where you want to be Always do something that you love and when it comes to a point where you stop loving it then its not worth doing anymore.
about 10 years ago
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Welcome back?! :)
about 10 years ago
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yo bro. i'll treat you to an ice cream anytime. welcome back.
about 10 years ago
It's good to see you T! We've missed you. Dunno what I'da done without your Tweets... I like the way you celebrate Sunday. Ice cream makes the world a better place. (Now go take Simon up on that offer ;P)
about 10 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
welcome back!
about 10 years ago
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in a big funk today and the only that helps is some of TTL's magical sounds... thank you!
about 10 years ago
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*clapping* I applaud of the not smoking and everything you've done/are doing to become a healthier you. It's been a month. You remind me of myself re: posting. I hope your music is bringing people here. It deserves to be heard.
about 10 years ago


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