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"Hail Mary to the city your a Virgin, 

   and Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church ends"i've had a pretty challenging two weeks. But tonight when i was listening to Jay Z's new record.The line above hit me.For starters, I mean no offense with tthe above phrases religiousreferences but for me it speaks personally.I have many friends of different religions and I always respect other people's religious beliefs but I am not afraid to disagree. But that isn't the point here now.I looked up at the sky before walking in the house and in the most cliche of moments, realized how small i am. For me, life did start where the church ended. In some symbolic way, it was the beginning of the end of my naiveness. I did not imply that church made me naive but what I mean is life really started kicking in when I realized I really only got myself to trust that tomorrow is going to be like today.  While God and I are always talking, i believe this life is a long class in the topic i picked for this lifetime. I'll say this. I have come to really learn about how precious everything is in life and also to see how very thin the line between love and hate is. It's a lot of mental and emotional stress but I'm a grown ass boy and this shit is often fun because an old friend used to remind me always: it's when there is pain that you know you are alive.My good friend told me I am all over the place. But he seemed to also justify the good in that with my creativity. You are just as creative as me. You don't know it because you don't try to do what i do. I know anyone can do what i do in a minute but no one seems to want to. I'm not all over the place. In fact, my heart, mind, will and everything has always been in one place: right here...looking forward and going "we're almost there"Think about what I'm trying to say here. Let it make sense to you in your own way. But I highly doubt it will be any different from mine.Something's cooking in the kitchen again....set the table....

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boy if pain makes you feel alive then I am LIVIN!!! and livin large... dats 4 damn sure! LOL
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Yeah, I hear ya. Unfortunately, the "church establishment," by and large, is waaay out of touch with how to reach people where they are. I especially think that's true for creatives. We don't think or operate like the rest of the planet. Turn everything on it's head and that's when things start to get comfortable. I know a couple in Australia who "do church" with whomever wants to show up every Monday night in the room above their coffee shop. Downstairs in the shop, the coffee's flowing, musicians playing, local artists on the walls... People are what make God complicated and/or unattractive. Gotta keep it simple. He exists. Yes, I know that for sure. Seen too many miracles, too much PROOF, to say otherwise. He made me, He made you, an individual, with carefully crafted abilities and skillz for a very special purpose. Cool... And that all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-lasting Super Dude of all creation loves US(!). Wow. That rocks. What's even cooler? God is a creative too! As I read your words, about what your friends said... you're "all over the place." I thought, "Nah." Ever watch a dragonfly? Beautiful and graceful, super predators of the insect world--they move up, down, sideways and backward. Looks like they're all over the place. But every movement has purpose. Every dart and turn is executed to achieve their goals. Love my dflies. Ever since I got to watch a Green Darner hatch, crawl out of it's juvenile skin, spread it's wings and stand their on my finger like it knew me, I've been hooked. Glad I'm not a mosquito...
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You were clear. I, too, have looked up at the sky and had that feeling, but it really hit me while looking out at the ocean. I realized I'm nothing more than a grain of sand. However each grain is necessary.
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where does creativity come from? for me it's hearing the things around me differently from the rest and using it to make my own story... for you it burst out in music- it may look like chaos to outsiders.... i suspect that neither of us would change the process--- but could do with a little less pain now and then... :) ps... God loves you very much- even if you do fight with him now and then......
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