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Thank You

I just had a long day. My father had a triple bypass today after suffering a heart attack and discovering he was sitting on a time bomb. Our family has a history of high cholesterol and while my father is the healthiest person on earth I know, exercising for hours a day at 66, he too could not avoid it.More importantly, thank you for all your prayers, care and concern. The operation ended at 7pm and he is asleep in the ICU right now.Me and my mother have come home to rest as we will be headed to see him again in the morning.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.This ordeal has taught me a great deal about life and family and I have decided to now focus my energies (and good songs as well) on myself and do something proud my dad and mom will be proud of.But for now, we still have 48 hours to make sure he gets out of the critical stage and my fingers are crossed. Thank you for your prayers.

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glad to hear he is recovering! hope he is back on his feet soon.
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Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Glad all is well. Still holding you and yours in my heart and asking for healing.
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