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wow. i'm very much alive. the storm ain't gon kill me. but i've also been just tryin to put myself in the right frame of mind.cause after that, it's rock and roll.

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Joey Sakamoto gettin me some bbq.

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What Matters More Than Music

A year ago, I was still living in the 20th century. Having spent most of my life anticipating the future where Marty Mcfly cruised around on hoverboards, I had not realized that the world had moved on. And while the music industry supposedly crumbled around me, I  joined everyone else in screaming "we need new business models". Indeed, we do. We need a whole new business. My premise is that we have now moved into the computer age and in the 100 years to come, change will come to all levels of our civilization. The very concept of having a computer is to aid and connect us to each other through a shared culture of information exchange through what we now know of as the internet. The actual experience is no longer restricted to mechanical platforms that used to provide us with what feels like a limited experience to consuming information. In my industry, the idea of having to rewind a track to hear it again is forgotten to some and unheard of to many born post 1990. It more ways than one, the computer has not only replaced individual acts of media consumption, it has created a platform where content can be mixed and remixed. Over the last decade, those of you who like me once had a Friendster account and have now swapped it for Facebook, have become seasoned in this new space where our consciousness is somehow shared to some degree through our personal footprints on the internet.If our social habits have changed then it is safe to say that our consumer behavior has changed. Not only have our habits changed, our perception has changed too. I can only imagine how my life would be now as an adult if I had this blog twenty years back.Music matters. But what matters most is this thing- this new way of life. Music becomes an integrated part of this whole experience. Not to even mention that endless choice of music now available, the birth of the amateur culture has reshaped the standards of an industry that was founded a little after World War II. Gee, that was a long time ago. I can't even remember much of the details of the first Gulf War.Let's not hate the "major labels", the "old guys", the "suits". Most of them aren't there anymore. And the rest who left behind still have to the keep the "business" alive. Is it their fault they still have to adhere to the growing irrelevance of certain copyright laws, is it their fault they have to still stock HMV, is it even HMV's fault that people love what they stand for but now get what they need for sometimes, simply Youtube. No, it's not. And for those who are high up enjoying the corporate perks while the industry falls apart, why not? I would too. Isn't it the same in any industry? Let's find excuses to point fingers for sticking around. You had the choice awhile back to move on. Take for example this site. If all your favorite artists had to set up a page because all of you where in some way forced to come here cause it's the only place their gonna be. And if say, you could buy their music for much cheaper than iTunes or before, at a price where you would be willing to pay, wouldn't that just solve everything. Maybe you could sign up and pay a subscription of say $1 a month to be part of your favorite artist members list where you would immediate be able to follow his life online and have access to all kinds of footages, news, remixes, trivia, etc. If Facebook in Asia linked up with AnD and somehow you could manage certain functions from the home of your social life, wouldn't your music consumption habits change again? Wouldn't you agree the whole thing is beyond the music? it's an integrated experience and from there is where we should start looking at ways of monetizing things so we can create a baby economy where we dictate new rules so ensure it's survival.Of course, some of you might think I'm just rambling. Some of you might think "duh. it's obvious". Well point is, we...need to make that decision to bite the risk and move our careers into this new space. A space where you finally get the creative freedom you complained you didn't. The space where your talent or even the lack of it speaks. And if people like you, you'll be fine. If they don't, then maybe you still have a way to profit from that notoriety.  At some point, you're gonna need to step into the future. Prince told me as a child to party like it's 1999. I did. I got really lucky that night too. But that was a long time ago. Welcome to the next decade. The one where they'll say "2012 came and went. And while the world did not end, the consciousness of mankind moved into a golden age of where information shared contributed to the rise of humanity into the frontiers of space and into the darkness that once was our universe".My name is terrytyelee and it's a pleasure to meet you again.

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so my life is a little back in order. not 100 percent. i guess all this makes no sense unless you understood the juggernaut that is about to be unleashed. . i woke up this morning and noticed my boxers said "your lucky day".lets take a step back and examine my life of late. I have dated for close to four years now and the one attempt i did to let a girl charm the wits end outta me...i messed it up doing the same action as now-blogging. i also no longer drink and have been off smoking for over a year now. i have no form of a social life and i got to the gym often twice a day. i celebrate sundays by treating myself to an ice cream. as for music...who the hell knows what will ever become of it. things have changed and where my music career is, as the last few years prior, is more or less debatable. I think i lost a sense of why I am here in the first place but nevertheless i remain super good at what i do. incredibly good at what i do. you don't expect me to being saying anything otherwise now i hope not.i noticed while the time i was away that my views jumped to 100000 odd. now i don't know how my blog is viewed that much considering i live in solitude these days. i can only assume 1. malfunction2. the music i make or write is really getting out to you guys and it might have led you here.if my music is doing something for you, i'm more than happy, i'm content and fulfilled.hello. or hello again. my name is terry lee, terrytyelee or simply The World's Greatest Like Muhammad Ali and I'm back.......this time...i think i'm gonna stay!

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This story is not over. It's barely begun.Rose, Rose, I'll always love ya.Psych!

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"Hail Mary to the city your a Virgin, 

   and Jesus can’t save you life starts when the church ends"i've had a pretty challenging two weeks. But tonight when i was listening to Jay Z's new record.The line above hit me.For starters, I mean no offense with tthe above phrases religiousreferences but for me it speaks personally.I have many friends of different religions and I always respect other people's religious beliefs but I am not afraid to disagree. But that isn't the point here now.I looked up at the sky before walking in the house and in the most cliche of moments, realized how small i am. For me, life did start where the church ended. In some symbolic way, it was the beginning of the end of my naiveness. I did not imply that church made me naive but what I mean is life really started kicking in when I realized I really only got myself to trust that tomorrow is going to be like today.  While God and I are always talking, i believe this life is a long class in the topic i picked for this lifetime. I'll say this. I have come to really learn about how precious everything is in life and also to see how very thin the line between love and hate is. It's a lot of mental and emotional stress but I'm a grown ass boy and this shit is often fun because an old friend used to remind me always: it's when there is pain that you know you are alive.My good friend told me I am all over the place. But he seemed to also justify the good in that with my creativity. You are just as creative as me. You don't know it because you don't try to do what i do. I know anyone can do what i do in a minute but no one seems to want to. I'm not all over the place. In fact, my heart, mind, will and everything has always been in one place: right here...looking forward and going "we're almost there"Think about what I'm trying to say here. Let it make sense to you in your own way. But I highly doubt it will be any different from mine.Something's cooking in the kitchen again....set the table....

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Thank You

I just had a long day. My father had a triple bypass today after suffering a heart attack and discovering he was sitting on a time bomb. Our family has a history of high cholesterol and while my father is the healthiest person on earth I know, exercising for hours a day at 66, he too could not avoid it.More importantly, thank you for all your prayers, care and concern. The operation ended at 7pm and he is asleep in the ICU right now.Me and my mother have come home to rest as we will be headed to see him again in the morning.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.This ordeal has taught me a great deal about life and family and I have decided to now focus my energies (and good songs as well) on myself and do something proud my dad and mom will be proud of.But for now, we still have 48 hours to make sure he gets out of the critical stage and my fingers are crossed. Thank you for your prayers.

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Hello Stranger

If you are droppin by and see this, please take a second and pray for my father's well being today.

I want you to know how much I deeply appreciate it.

It's 325 am and I'm a little too worried sick to sleep.

I've been tossing and turning here all night.

If you happen to be here this Monday on this page, please say a little prayer to God as you believe him to be and ask that he maybe pay a little more attention to my daddy today. Please? i'll get u back.

Thank you.

From me and my family.

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