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This has been a long couple of months.

I got 2 exhibitions opening this week so here's a little blog about it all.

First up is a show at the Louis Vuitton on Canton Road. They have a gallery inside and they asked if I'd like to do an exhibition there. The only catch being I'd have to come up with something within a month. I have no spare paintings to show and a month is not enough time to produce new stuff, especially as I'd already committed to show new paintings at other projects.

So, instea...Read more

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just some more shots from the book project i'm working on and a few, black and white shots, by Stanley Wong (Anothermountainman). Stanley is one of Hong Kong's leading artists and a very cool guy all around.

James Lavelle (UNKLE)

Tony Magnetic (The Year Of...) <...Read more

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definitely alive, almost dead for a while

Well, I've been out of action for a while but was at Wing Shya's opening last night and bumped into Patrick and the AND crew who reminded me of my responsibilities as an artist on this site! So, here's the first blog in many months.

I've just been around the world part vacation but part research for upcoming exhibitions. While away I set myself a little project, to cross paths with various people important in my life and shoot them. Here are a few of the results so far. It's an ongoing pro...Read more

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Hong Kong Art Fair

If you haven't already been, there's still time, the HK Art fair opened this week and the last day is Sunday. I've been to many art fairs around the world and I can honestly say the HK one i really not bad at all. A very mature show of international standard. Really helps to put HK on the art world map.

I strongly recommend you go take a look around, it's not often we get such an amazing bunch of art to look at from over 100 galleries around the world. It's at the new Convention centre in Wanchai, get over there...Read more

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one week to go, new show april 18th

So I've been away from AND for a little while as I've been working 7 days to finish my new exhibition.

It opens next Friday and you're all invited to the opening. It starts at 6.30 and will go on until late, then there's a big after party next door at another new space called 'The Embassy'.

The show is in 3 parts. First in Central, then 2 parts in a big industrial space in ChaiWan. The space is brand new, a big investment by my gallery. Another sign the HK art scene is moving in the ...Read more

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work work work...

It never ends. I'm working on 4 different projects at the moment including a very big installation project for Hong Kong in April. This will be at a huge warehouse space in Chai Wan and will have film, paintings, performance and all kinds of odd things going on. In preparation for this I've been shooting models flying through the air at my studio, here's a couple of results.....

This is Sha...Read more

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old skool

many years ago, before i became a respectable artist, i was a very naughty artist as well as being a DJ and rave promoter (Way Out East). Over Xmas I found all these old shots I took of graffiti I'd done around Hong Kong. I've never shown them before and always did the work anonymously but it's probably too late for them to lock me up for being a naughty monkey so I may as well share with the AND community...

I got my friend to photograph me with my face made up to look like the monkey from cantonese opera, then output these sho...Read more

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pow pow

it's 7 am in HK. I'm up early because the last few days I've been in Hokkaido, Japan, up a mountain called Niseko, throwing myself down it on a snowboard. After getting up every day so early to get on the gondolas first, i'm now in the habit of being up early so until i get back to my usual HK midday awakening, I'll have to fill a couple of hours with something.....like this blog.

I&#...Read more

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Being in the press is an odd experience. I'm not really famous but seem to have been in the media a few times recently. The thing about being a painter is that you always feel that your work should do the talking and that me, and my personal life, are not really worth discussing.

Doing press is necessary though. If people are aware of you then when you do show your stuff, maybe they'll come take a look, and that's what you really want as an artist, people to see your work regardless of whether they think you're dick or not. Ult...Read more

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just a little extra blog

This is just a short one. Last week Louis Vuitton put my work up in the store. I won the Asian Art Award sponsored by LV and as part of the PR they had a huge dinner at Four Seasons then an in store cocktail party. It was a low key affair and I only mention it because on the day of the party, the LV people called me to check I was coming. 'Of course' I said. They wanted to know what I would be wearing and I told them, as usual, I'd be wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a few paint splashes as I was so busy at work I wouldn&...Read more

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