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I'll be showing a film as part of this group show at Haunch of Venison in London. Awesome space, great group of artists.


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Feeling sorry for yourself is not the right thing; feeling sorry for everybody else is.

I’m writing this as I fly back from a few days break in the USA. For some reason on airplanes I always get sentimental. I think it’s because you’re alone with no phone or internet and you can think undisturbed. It also reminds one of previous adventures and romance, beginnings or conclusions.

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It’s Monday and I’m Taiwan. I spontaneously jumped on the plane to get a little weekend away. A had a friend I wanted to catch up with and to go check out the surf. I’d never surfed taiwan before but had heard good things.

Figured I’d go recon the deal-eo.

Super easy set up. The flight’s only and hour and a half and you can be in the water an hour after grabbing your luggage. So I guess you could catch the morning flight, surf by lunchtime and get the evening flight back and it would actually be an easier trip than going to dai long...Read more

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So that was that.

What a beautiful ending to Hope and Glory!

We had such a lovely last day, thousands came through the space, many friends dropped by to say goodbye to the exhibition. It was a joy to watch. Hope and Glory is just so different to any exhibition I've ever seen.

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 party tonight!last day tomorrow![](/attachments/2011/06/25/02/39426_2011062502330116055.gif)

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As you know, Hope and Glory finishes this coming Sunday, 30th May.

We currently have no solution to where the work goes after this date.

At the moment it is scheduled to be destroyed forever.

We have a number of possible offers of re-exhibiting the work but nothing confirmed and with no more time or money we have no way to pursue these possibilities unless we have some temporary storage.

If anyone has a genuine storage solution for the large metal works (big letter, star, ball and pods) in particular please get...Read more

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I once had a girlfriend who would cry every time she had an orgasm. I know a statement like this is ripe for sarcasm but it was as if she was consumed by loss. That the moment of happiness had slipped away uncontrollably.

Maybe my life is a situation comedy, a series of anecdotes.

I had dinner with friends at the weekend and sat next to an old Italian guy. He was a chef and we small talked. A few days later I met a friend for coffee at the Mandarin and the Italian was sitting in the middle of the restaurant alone on a table with 2 e...Read more

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A great review from ArtForum. Thanks Charles. Thanks Claire.

We finally got a review in SCMP. They really liked the show too. And a nice write up in Wall Street Journal.


On the whole peo...Read more

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It's Monday and only a couple of weeks left for the show.

My buddy Greg has been here to visit. He has been in China doing business. He told me that Europe will be to the Chinese what Venice is to the rest of the world, a once mighty city, now just a tourist trap. That China has moved beyond the West already and they will no longer need us other than for 'amusement'.

We had an amazing turnout for the exhibition with 62000 people coming to see the work. And the wonderful thing was 90% were local Hong Kong Chinese.

This...Read more

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faint mohawk

It's Sunday and it's been a great week at Hope and Glory.

The numbers keep going up daily, yesterday around 1500 people came through. I dropped by in the afternoon and there was a great atmosphere in the space.

I was introduced to a guy called Carsten. I had a quick chat with him and he said he was an artist too working out of Europe doing big installations. He  told me he didn't generate his own projects but was often invited to produce installations.

After he left I was told he was Carsten Holler. He's...Read more

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