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just some more shots from the book project i'm working on and a few, black and white shots, by Stanley Wong (Anothermountainman). Stanley is one of Hong Kong's leading artists and a very cool guy all around.

James Lavelle (UNKLE)

Tony Magnetic (The Year Of...)

Wing Shya

Andy Lee

Eddie Chung (24 Herbs)

Katie De Tilly (10 Chancery Lane Gallery)

Chris and Lisa

Stanley Wong's photos of me:

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great pics. lookin forward to more from the series!
over 11 years ago
cool pics Simon!
over 11 years ago
Photo 214172
great kids
over 11 years ago
Mariejost 26 dsc00460
Great stuff. Always interested to see more of what you're up to. Genuine down to the bones. Do you know how rare that is? I think you do!
over 11 years ago
Photo 66999
like your pics on black and white!!:D,.seems like you got lots of things going on in your mind.
over 11 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
Great pictures man! Can't wait to check out your book.
over 11 years ago
Photo 249770
over 11 years ago
Redgate profile
Call me weird, but that reminds me of one of the Hollows in the manga "Bleach"...
over 11 years ago
Looks like my house... the blurry kids part :P
over 11 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
over 11 years ago
I love your work !!
over 11 years ago
Photo 12
over 11 years ago


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