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pow pow

it's 7 am in HK. I'm up early because the last few days I've been in Hokkaido, Japan, up a mountain called Niseko, throwing myself down it on a snowboard. After getting up every day so early to get on the gondolas first, i'm now in the habit of being up early so until i get back to my usual HK midday awakening, I'll have to fill a couple of hours with something.....like this blog.

I've been snowboarding for many years but this was only the second trip to Japan. It's a small mountain and not very steep but it makes up for it by having the most amazing quality of snow, and lots of it. It did not stop puking elephant flakes the whole time I was there.

December is considered early season, they hadn't even built the board park and half pipe yet but that meant that the mountain was empty and you could find fresh powder every run. The dryest, fluffiest powder i think i've ever been on. I surf too and boarding on deep powder does have a similar feeling under your feet. The difference is, in the water your wave is maybe 10 seconds for a good one, on the snowboard your wave can las half an hour!

tons and tons of snow with no-one on it!

with few humans on the mountains, even the squirrels were going for it.

aw yeah!

tried to get it started for a bit of jackass humour but no luck.

snowboarding is so all about the gear, gotta have the right toys.

sucha cute little village

always must have a vending machine photo...

here's the obligatory food shots. seems like daniel's always taking pictures of the food wherever he goes so since i want to be as cool as him, here are some shots of hokkaido's finest...



sashimi and hot camembert, sounds kurazzee but it works.


this is the main event, big crab legs. such a hassle to eat, i think maybe you use more energy getting the fucking meat out than you get from the crab.



choice of weapons

the never summer SL, possibly the finest snowboard ever made...

can't go wrong with the Burton Cartels

mexican wrestling mask, don't leave home without it.

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Photo 45507
looks fun.....i am sure u enjoyed it a lot.....damn i have been out for a long time.....that get me really jelious.....
over 12 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
wow awesome. i am tempted to go up there this winter. asahikawa ramen is ok, but nothing compared to Hakata!
over 12 years ago
Photo 23902
Nice! That one photo of the squirrel is pretty funny b/c it takes you off guard. Wait - where the heck did you get that? Is it a sculpture?
over 12 years ago
Photo 4957
The snow looks great! Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
over 12 years ago
Photo 23522
I was snowboarding Hokkaido Nesiko last March. It was pretty fun. Man, your mask is sick!
over 12 years ago
i love the mask man! DOPE!
over 12 years ago
Photo 41257
I use rental
over 12 years ago
Photo 31906
wow the snow looks soo nice~ I snow board in China (near Beijing) and the quality of the snow is not that good.
over 12 years ago
01 04 andrew
awww dude.. you went there by yourself without teamo extremo???? I can't believe it!! But it's okay, check out which slope is better and tell us when you get back.
over 12 years ago
Photo 42277
kingcrab woo!!! great mask!!
over 12 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
That mask rocks! I haven't been snowboarding for almost 4 years....aah!!!!!
over 12 years ago
Photo 1831
looks like fun!
over 12 years ago
Photo 33405
Looks awesome, I'll have to check out the slopes in Hokkaido! I haven't snowboarded in almost 5 years and have been really missing it.
over 12 years ago
Photo 31167
Hey Simon! We have a house in Niseko called Latitude 42. It's at the number 5 bus stop. We've been going there for 6 years. The snow looks awesome and I love the mask! Here are my recommendations in case anyone of you ever goes there: Bar Barrumba, Jam bar, the Ice bar, there's also a place right at the bottom of the slope. I think it's called Apres? For dining I recommend Sekka, Yummy's pizza (they have fondue) and Ryu Izakaya. There's also a cool onsen with outdoor sulfur baths near bus stop 5 or is it 6?
over 12 years ago
Photo 48111
wow is that a real squirrel ?how cool !
over 12 years ago
Photo 35135
what a cool clever squirrel!love it
over 12 years ago
Redgate profile
Great shots! Especially the squirrel and mexican mask, always gotta have a bit of humor ;)
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
love the mask! lucha libre!
over 12 years ago


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