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work work work...

It never ends. I'm working on 4 different projects at the moment including a very big installation project for Hong Kong in April. This will be at a huge warehouse space in Chai Wan and will have film, paintings, performance and all kinds of odd things going on. In preparation for this I've been shooting models flying through the air at my studio, here's a couple of results.....

This is Shan, she's on AliveNotDead and a really lovely girl.

This is my buddy's wife Carol, she's super cool.

This is the starting point for the next set of paintings and here's an example of a finished result....

This one is actually Josie Ho, not that you can tell. She was a very energetic model, must be all that jumping around on stage....

An interesting way to take a day off yesterday was when Elle magazine showed up to do a shoot in my studio. Was interesting to see how they work on their fashion shoots, lots of people involved, hair, make up, photograhers and a bunch of assistants. Nice bunch though and was really kinda fun. The model looked a bit like Kiera Knightly but my Mandarin wasn't good enough to get her phone number...  : )

photographer and crew all from Beijing.

Elle editor Jane and Fashion editor Czarine

This is my bro Corey who pretended to be my assistant but basically just came to hang out and check out the models

The photographer was giving the models a hard time because they weren't showing enough feeling. He was a bit like Tyra Banks giving them  demonstrations of how to do  blue steel.

A bunch of new paintings all about to get shipped off to Madrid for exhibition

she definitely looked like Kiera Knightly....

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simon, if you need help with mandarin... I'd be happy to come down and show you how I'd ask that girl for her phone number...
about 15 years ago
Ryanhui 26 ryanhui
Great stuff man! Can't wait to see the new stuff in April. Peace.
about 15 years ago
Photo 33427
meh - you can take your models & well, yeah ... for sheer whatnot, Czarine is where it's at :)
about 15 years ago
Photo 23833
you are right! she does look like Kiera Knightly! anyways, thanks for the oppurtunity! it was quiet fun though a bit of a work out. Def see you around town, and really looking forward to more work from ya!
about 15 years ago
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great to see you last night at the show.
about 15 years ago
01 04 andrew
hope you will have a wonderful exhibiton in madrid
about 15 years ago
Wingshya b6 wingshya
love this photo
about 15 years ago
Photo 55885
great idea ~ i like it ~ wish you prosperous in 2008 ^^
almost 15 years ago


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