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Being in the press is an odd experience. I'm not really famous but seem to have been in the media a few times recently. The thing about being a painter is that you always feel that your work should do the talking and that me, and my personal life, are not really worth discussing.

Doing press is necessary though. If people are aware of you then when you do show your stuff, maybe they'll come take a look, and that's what you really want as an artist, people to see your work regardless of whether they think you're dick or not. Ultimately only your closest friends are qualified to make a judgement about you anyway.....and mine all think I'm a dick.

The thing that is interesting to me is that whatever you say, it's never represented quite the way it was intended. The interviews are edited and sometimes your original point may be missed but i guess that's the choice you make, to be interviewed or not, regardless of how it's handled.

Better to be in the press than out of it is my conclusion.

Anyway, here's a few recent ones. As you can see, I'm working that LV suit big time!

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can you use that as a pick up line? 'hey baby, these hands are insured for US$1 million.' :-D
over 12 years ago
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lookin' good =)
over 12 years ago
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Ooooh cool!!! :) Look like a stud haha, love the shades.
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Shite that it is, the double edged sword of the media is a jealous lover that I can only hope to know at least once. Congrats on your rockin suit.
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The presses are always tricky. *nods* But that's how I came across you... you were featured on a TV channel as I was surfing the telly one lazy afternoon. They may have edited what you said about art, but it sure woke me up. Thanks for creating great art! *w00t* PS- LV suits make a looker out of everyone. ;D
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