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Public holiday in HK today but the Hope and Glory construction rolls on regardless.

I'm in and out of the editing suite as a run back and forth to the space. Only a week now until it's all ready and still so much work to do.

Am constantly tired but couldn't be happier with it all. The momentum is relentless on both the physical side on site and the repercussions of the event too.

The phone rings constantly with conversations about PR, forum organisation, event management, book publication, merchandise and a million ot...Read more

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ok, i definitely had no idea they were gonna put me on the cover of Time Out! I'm really camera shy to be honest and would rather they just put a piece of art there in my place.

But am very grateful for the exposure that Time Out have bought to the show. Thanks so much to them for that.

Really nice bunch of guys who run the publication here in HK.


...Read more
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a few more shots, these are from the day before yesterday so we're a bit our of synch on the blog here but anyway....

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I've been cheating on AND....

OK, I haven't blogged for a couple of months, sorry about that!

Well, not entirely true because I've been writing another blog! I wanted to keep a diary of the project I'm working on and set up a blogspot page:


So, now I feel like I'm having an affair, writing on that page when I should've been writing on AND!

Well, hopefully they won't kick me off and I'll make it ...Read more

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Small Wonder

Just a few shots from my recent exhibition. The show is on at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Central, Hong Kong. It's on for a couple of months so stop by anytime, 10am-6pm, mon-fri.

Thanks to the AND crew for coming down to support and Chochukmo for playing a live acoustic set in the street!

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coming soon...

So, i haven't blogged for a while, been soooo busy working on a huge installation project which will be up April next year in an enormous 20,000 sq ft space right here in Hong Kong. The show is a mixture of films, sculptures, installation and perfomance. There'll be a number of crazy innovative pieces of art, stuff you've never seen before. More about that later. In the meantime, I've got to pay for all this upcoming production so I've been painting non-stop. I've just finished an exhibition in Los Angeles and am now pr...Read more

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Venice Biennale, 2009

Last week my manager calls me up from Italy and says 'Get your ass on the plane, you should be in Venice right now!'. I've been so crazy busy I'd forgot all about the Venice Biennale, probably the biggest and most important event in the art world. It happens every 2 years and is a non-commercial temporary exhibition that includes hundreds of artists from all over the world.

The main parts are the Gardinari where ma y countries have there own unique exhibition space, a little pavilion each where they show their l...Read more

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ArtHK 2009

OK, so the art fair is on fire! Amazing this year. The show opened Wednesday and I have never seen a crowd like it, just absolutely packed. A wonderful thing to see in HK, so many people engaged by art.

If you didn't already go, it's open until tomorrow. May 17th,at the HK Convention Centre in Wanchai.

Here's some cool stuff from the show...

This is my work at the 10 Chancery Lane Gallery booth Read more

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I'm in Miami, bitch.

Not a great title for the blog but it just about captures the essence of Miami. Miami is loud, brash and all about 'glamour', parties, getting crunk and lying on the beach with thousands of fat Americans. No offense to slim Americans but, well, there really are a lot of very large ones in Miami.

The best selling t-shirt in Miami really does have the words 'I'm in Miami, bitch' written on it in big letters.

It's a real party, holiday town where the filthy rich meet the just plain filthy. It...Read more

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Miami, here I come!

Haven't managed to get a blog done for a while because I've been chained to my studio working on a new exhibition. This next show, 'Raw And Loved', opens in Miami on May 9th at an awesome new gallery called AE District, right in the middle of Miami's famous design district. Here's some preview shots as we got the work packed up and shipped off and I'll add more when I get there next month.

I had some work show in LA last month with much success but the Miami show is my first major solo show in the State...Read more

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