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This is just a short one. Last week Louis Vuitton put my work up in the store. I won the Asian Art Award sponsored by LV and as part of the PR they had a huge dinner at Four Seasons then an in store cocktail party. It was a low key affair and I only mention it because on the day of the party, the LV people called me to check I was coming. 'Of course' I said. They wanted to know what I would be wearing and I told them, as usual, I'd be wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a few paint splashes as I was so busy at work I wouldn't have time to put anything decent on.

'So the girl says, well, if you'd like to wear any of our stuff you're more than welcome, off course we wouldn't want to compromise your artistic integrity'.

So i say, 'Screw artistic integrity, how about a free suit!' (Anyone that knows me will know I have never owned or worn a suit before in my life!).

So long story short, I've been wearing that fucking suit almost every day since then! LV rocks!

Aaaawwww yeeeeaaahh!

PS: I know all the celebrity type people on this AND site get free shit all the time (i got an actor friend that just got a free car!) but this a new experience for me! Awesome!

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ah, that explains last friday!
about 15 years ago
krap paintings... but the suit looks good !
about 15 years ago
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Free ninety free. That's the best price!! BTW, you were wearing that to the Dragon-I party weren't you?
about 15 years ago


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