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Hong Kong Art Fair

If you haven't already been, there's still time, the HK Art fair opened this week and the last day is Sunday. I've been to many art fairs around the world and I can honestly say the HK one i really not bad at all. A very mature show of international standard. Really helps to put HK on the art world map.

I strongly recommend you go take a look around, it's not often we get such an amazing bunch of art to look at from over 100 galleries around the world. It's at the new Convention centre in Wanchai, get over there while you still have a chance.

Here's a few shots to give you and idea.

lots of Warhol around...

sculpture made from TV's

the star of the show, a Francis Bacon worth millions

Thomas Ruff and a Damien Hirst in the background

this sculpture was made from car tires

lots of mainland Chinese art at the fair

this is Mel Ramos



nice traditional meets futuristic Japanese prints

constantly changing plasma screens

chairman mao was everywhere, am so bored of his image!

this is a sculpture of Li Wei who actually  came to the opening looking like this, covered in mirrors. He then ripped it all off as a performance.

a little known artist called Simon Birch! sold very well!

this was a stunning constantly changing sunset on a weird LCD screen set up.

nice big messy painting

porcelain doggy, cute and expensive.

says it all

Terence Koh

big head!

fabric and mirrors

would have loved to buy this Basquiat, super expensive of course.

sequined lady, mmm, nice.

toys are now art....

This is Cang Xin, really amazing artist. He has a show  on at my gallery, 10 Chancery Lane, Central.

This is one of his photos. I got one for myself! Swapped him for one of my paintings.

This is the after fair dinner which was hosted by Louis Vuitton at my exhibition space in Chai  Wan. Was a lovely dinner and people really seemed to like the paintings.  Sold all the work!

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Photo 23271
nice, got to catch it tomorrow if I can. What's the damage for entry? Also I total need to get in touch with you - been frickin busy.
over 14 years ago
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wow, congrats on the sales... let's go out to celebrate!
over 14 years ago
Photo 58618
Yeah, next time I see his portrait used by some artist (what? again?) I'm going to take out my marker and write down either 'congratulations, that is soooo last century', 'been there, done that, bought the tshirt' or 'you suck'. Unless the artist actually brings something new to it.
over 14 years ago
Photo 58618
Got back in town a day too late, that's too bad. Don't you have another thing going on for another month or so somewhere else?
over 14 years ago
Photo 84761
oh lord it's the metal blockage again
over 14 years ago
Photo 80017
over 14 years ago
Photo 80017
amazing pieces!!
over 14 years ago
Photo 87127
How cool is that!..I wanna have one at home
over 14 years ago


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