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after watching Iron Man 2 and being re-energised, we'll start this week by rolling out new posters that hopefully appeal to a broader demographic.

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Today I met some people at the exhibition to talk to them on the work and I caught myself telling them that I'm not sure building the show was worthwhile.

That's not like me at all normally, I'm usually very positive about it all. But I've been over-hassled all week with contractors threatening us, Swire giving me a $60k bill for cigarette burns in the carpet where people had been smoking at the opening party, contractors refusing to change broken lightbulbs unless we pay them more and on and on....

When I started the b...Read more

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Raining heavily in Hong Kong today. Always a beautiful thing. Keeps the pollution down as it scrubs the air and, at night, turns the neon filled streets into a scene from Blade Runner.

Conan Hayes came to town last night. He's one of my closest brothers and rolled through for 24 hours. Conan was a world champion surfer in competition with people like Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian. He famously crushed Teahupoo in Taihiti back in the day, a life threatening wave, massive, over razor sharp reef. He then quit the world tour and set up his own c...Read more

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It's Sunday and I finally took a day off after 3 months. I hit Big Wave Bay and surfed my ass off. Lucky to have waves as it's been flat for months here. But what an amazing city that you can be in the seething metropolis one minute and in 20 minutes on a lovely little beach.

I managed to do normal stuff today. Went grocery shopping, read the paper (Sunday Post who once again haven't listed the show! annoying!), rented a couple of movies, tidied up my apartment and stared at the pile of unopened bills that has been growing for months....Read more

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the endless

ok, we're almost done with chinese translations. very tricky stuff.

tomorrow, (friday 23rd) is the Louis Vuitton event. This is kinda private VIP gig but I owe LV because they've supported me here in HK for many years so am quite happy to give them whatever they need.

it'll be a low profile thing, i'll give a talk and show people around the exhibition. should be fun.

lots of work still to do, the accounts are a mess because the person responsible turned out to have been a bad choice. and the government stil...Read more

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To do list.

The shows up and running but still much fine tuning to do. It feels like we've built a temporary contemporary art museum, which you might normally take years to build but we did it in 10 days!

So, apologies for it not being absolutely perfect yet but we'll continue to improve things over the coming weeks.

This week I will:

1: Add Chinese subtitles on all the films.

So many of the films were finished very last minute so couldn't be translated until last week. I've spent the last few days working on t...Read more

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2000 people showed up to the Hope and Glory opening last night.

I don't think I've ever seen so many people at the opening of an art exhibition in HK before. So on behlaf of the many many people who have put this thing together over the last year, than you all very much for you support.

It sends a very positive message out there to government and other institutions that have the power to support and fund future artists and cultural events. It can only have positive repercussions as it feels like HK is really starting to get into...Read more

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Here we go....

Walked around for the 2 spare minutes i had today and ...Wow. It's just an incredible sight.

You can really feel the energy of the many many people involved in the show.

I still worry about the details but that's me. But really, the show is just incredible. It's so overwhelming and such an experience.

I encourage you to take some time to walk around and absorb it all, watch the films, don't rush to get the full Hope and Glory experience.

It's just amazing to me that we pulled it together. I s...Read more

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hard day at the office

man, this has been a tough one today. so many little details that still not right with the show. i doubt the public notice as the show is fully functioning and look insane as you can see from the photos.

but i see little details, some of which can't be fixed, like the lighting which turns out to be impossible to fix because of very limited power and access in the space.

everyone was on my case today, venue sponsor freaking out, government stressed, curator barking....dude, i wish i could just make the art and not wo...Read more

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