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Starting to find my place

I found out that I have a passion for creating a story and creating choreography....these past few days we have spent time thinking up performances that we can do as a group. It's basically the "talented" group against the "idol" group.  All of the "Talented" group people gathered together to have a meeting and come up with ideas.  We spent about an hour thinking up different performances that we could possibly do.  I really wanted to create something similar to "Cell Block Tango" (Chicago...Read more

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classes | 上課 | 上课

Wow....I just read the blog that I wrote about being angry with the competition.  I usually write things in the moment that I'm feeling those feelings...and I can completely forget what I wrote about after a few days.  Anyways, ...Yesterday a reporter called me (which upset me because I don't like reporters knowing my phone number...and I hope he won't pass my number around..hint hint! ) He asked me about my blog.  Apparently, more people are reading my blogs than I thought.  I'm sure this reporter is reading this very blog....Read more

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Happy day! | 快樂的日子! | 快乐的日子!

In the distance she heard a faint ringing that rudely interrupted her peaceful slumber.  She reached over the side of her bed searching for that annoying piece of machine that she hated yet could not live without. “Hello?”  She asked in a soft tired whisper.  “Baby!  (In Chinese) you haven’t woken up yet?”  Her mother asked in her usual bubbly voice.  “NO, we didn’t get back till 2am last night!”  She said, half asleep.  “Oh, ok, I’m going to Beijing now so I will talk to you when you wake up.”  The line went dead.  Her mother ...Read more

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fighting for the 8 spots | 為8個晉級名額而戰 | 为8个晋级名额而战

For some reason,  it seems like awhile since I wrote in my blog..but really it has only been a few days.  Anyways....so, today they called out the names of the 25 contestants who will be able to compete this coming Fri to fight for the last 8 spots of the top 40.  Just an hr or 2 ago 43 contestants were sent home.  It was pretty harsh...they made all of us pack up our bags in case we didn't get called....and whoever wasn't called for the 25 had to get on the bus right then and there.  So...now there is...Read more

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angry | 生氣 | 生气

Ok, so last night was my day of competing to get into the top 40 spot.  I felt that my performance was at least 90%.  So….I was very confident that I should get in.  So the game is like this.  The 100 contestants each got split up into groups of 3.  There are about 8 groups per day.  I was last night which was the 2 nd night of competition.  We each sing a song and then there are 4 judges that will give us their vote or not.  So…how we know is that on their table is a light.  If they light up then that means that they gave you their vote. I o...Read more

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email (past and thoughts) | 郵件(關於過去和一些想法) | 邮件(关于过去和一些想法)


This is from an email that I wrote to someone who supports me for the competition. I just felt that it really spoke about how I feel so....here it is:

First of all, I studied musical theater at a private college in New York City called The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. In this school we were trained to become a triple threat. This means that we had to sing, dance, and act. I was trained in singing (private lessons), voice and speech (how to project the voice on s...Read more

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experiences | 經歷 | 经历

As I was watching the other contestants last night....as some of the contestants were already cut to make the number an even 100 contestants.....it brought back memories of when I was in the Miss HK pageant.  I remember crying a lot when the other girls didn't make it to the finals.  I remember crying watching the video of all of us contestants shooting in Protugal.  I remember how I felt so naive and unaware of the world.  It makes me appreciate the innocence that they all have during this competition.  This is only the beginning f...Read more

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the game 1st part | 游戲 第一部分 | 游戏 第一部分

(中文翻譯在下面)Friday was the first airing of the competition.  My only job was to act as the audience while 14 of the contestants had to perform.  The 14 had to leave in the morning around 8:30am while the rest of us went into Shanghai right after lunch arriving at 3pm.  The show wasn’t going to be on air till 9pm so we had to kill 6hrs!  It was the longest 6 hrs I’ve ever experienced!  All I can do is listen to my ipod, write in my poetry book, and try to make friends. So, the first 3 hrs or so…I was a complete loner.  I ha...Read more

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the game 2nd part | 游戲 第二部分 | 游戏 第二部分

    Ok...I actually took a break from writing this blog because I was really tired the night I was writing it...so...to continue on about Fri...the show is like a game....basically...from what I can understand..they picked 14 contestants to perform against each other.  7 were from the Idol group and the other 7 were from the real singers group.  I'm a part of the real singers group...I actually don't have the right translation for that...they call it "shu li".  Anyways....the 7 idols were against the sh...Read more

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top 106 | 進入106強 | 进入106强


Ok…so…yesterday was my first onstage performance.  I was the 22 nd person to go up out of about 70.  Yesterday was the last day of competition for the 400 contestants.  I actually practiced my song thinking that I was going to use a head mic but ended up using a hand mic because the director told me that the sound was better.  So….I was feeling a bit awkward for my performance…it wasn’t as good as I had hoped.  Truthfully, we woke up so early to get to the studio that I didn’t even warm up my voice.  So….I’ll have ...Read more

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