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Figuring it out

Hmmm...not much going on right now.  I'm trying to figure out what my future is going to be here in Shanghai. I've been feeling a bit anti social since Musical Moments.  I had such a great time doing the show with everyone..that it seemed too fast for it to all end.  It's always sooo hard for me to say good-bye.  I'm a bit confused about my future...I know what I'm aiming for...but, at the same time...I feel too anxious.  I know I should have more faith...and I should believe that everything will fall into place....but, it...Read more

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Best New Singer TVB 8

Hello Everyone...I just wanted to write a quick blog to ask for your votes.  I'm nominated for this years best new singer on TVB 8. please go to http://club.tvb.com/vote2007 /index2.html  to vote for me!!!  thanks!!!  Here are directions for those of you who can't read chinese...

http://club.tvb.com/vote2007 /index2.html

go to this website above

then go to the 7th ...Read more

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Sad to say good-bye

It's always the hardest thing for me to say good-bye to friends after finishing a gig.  It's strange, even though I've done Musical Moments for the 3rd year...it seems more sad this year to say good-bye to everyone.  I guess it's because I don't live in Hong Kong anymore....I'm going to miss my teacher, David and his wife Jovita.  They have been so helpful and supportive of me....it makes me sad to not be able to see them every week when I'd go to take lessons....I'll miss Stanley because he has been the on...Read more

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Highs and Lows

Ok, so...we all have our highs and lows....last night...for some reason I wasn't feeling too high.  I had a great dance rehearsal in the morning...learned the new tap steps with my friend Karen......and got to catch up with her afterwards at lunch....then, I got to rest a bit before going to rehearsal with the rest of the Musical Moments cast.  And we had a good rehearsal...all the singers are amazing!  It's so nice to work with such talented people.  It's strange to think that I'm where I'm at right now.  I remember being ...Read more

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Baby Got Back!!!

Being back in HK has really been nice. I didn't realize how much I missed it here. I guess living here for so long has made me used to it....I'm still adjusting to Shanghai and there is just a lot things that I used to have here that I don't have over there. 

Well...coming back....I've been charged with a positive energy. ....going to church yesterday...?   Well...I had a good rehearsal last night for Musical Moments...and I feel a lot more confident than I did 3 years ago for the first Musical Moments.  I've deci...Read more

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moving on

Thank you for all of your positive comments on my last blog.  It has been a struggle that I have to face myself..but, it's always much easier to have encouragement from friends.  I am trying my best to stay away from sweets and other sweet drinks (other than water) for the time being.....mostly because I'll be going back to HK pretty soon and facing a lot of reporters....plus, I want to look good for my upcoming photo shoot. 

So, it's been strange without my friends from 42nd St...I guess you could say that I've been feeling...Read more

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Too Fat

Ok, this will be a short one...but, I had to express my feelings about this incident.  Today, I played basketball with 5 of the other cast members...we were all having a great time playing.  And after the 2nd game (of course, we won both games), this supervisor guy from the university that we were playing at....asked me if I was a translator for the cast.  I said no, I'm also an actress.  Then he said....you're an actress?  But, you're too fat to be an actress!!!!  I was sooo upset at his comment....I grabbed seth and stormed out....the o...Read more

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Chillin in Hangzhou

So, I'm in Hangzhou right now.  I decided to come here with the rest of the cast just to hang out with them before they go on with their tour.  It has been such a great experience with all of them and I've grown so used to my new friends that it was hard for me to say good-bye so abruptly.  So....this trip was mainly to spend some time with them and get some rest before I move on with my life in Shanghai.  Of course, I brought Seth with me....and he's grown accustomed to jumping into this bag every time we go out....so that he...Read more

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taxi drama

Never have I hated Shanghai more!!!  Oh.....getting taxi's here is such a hassle!  About 2 hrs ago I was trying to get a taxi so that I could go near the theatre and grab a bite to eat.  There are these amazing salads at this place called "Elements Fresh" right by the Ritz. Anyways....first of all, I hate how there are no such thing as a line....everyone is for themselves in Shanghai...your hand is on the taxi door first..that is your claim!  And then!  There are the taxi's that don't pick you up because they are getting off ...Read more

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sticky floor

Tuesday was probably the worst show we have had so far!  Over the weekend, the backstage crew had to re paint the surface of the stage...they did this on Sunday night after our show...and our next show was Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, because of the weather....the stage did not completely dry.  Only an hour before curtain call, and our stage manager was calling our dance captains to the stage...something was definitely wrong....in just a few min...we had to go over some of the numbers of the show...changing things...making sure that we tried n...Read more

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