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MOTHER'S DAY & Hainanese Chicken

Ok, I think I’ve already ended my search for the best Hainanese Chicken and Rice.  I’ve gone to a few suggested places that some friends have personally taken me to.  One’s in Wan Chai, Central, Mong Kok, and Ho Man Tin.  Many of them were pretty good and they were cheap and efficient.  And I’m VERY thankful for my friends for taking the time to eat the same thing over and over with me ☺…sometimes 2 places in one go….and the company, of course!

But….nothing can compare to home cooked Hainanese Chicken!  And th...Read more

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Ok everyone!!!  I just wanted to let you know that Tracie's frozen yogurt shop, Berry Good, is opening for business tomorrow, Wednesday the 7th!!!  They open at 11am till 11pm.  So, please support her shop and go buy your first taste!!!  The address is 41-43 Graham St. at Hollywood.  It's right near the Pacific Coffee.  It's really yummy!!!  See you there! 

Here's o...Read more

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Revealing My Secrets

So, my trip back to Hong Kong this time around was mainly for this commercial that I'm supposed to shoot and become the new image girl for.   When I was in NY they actually asked me if I could come back earlier to start..but, because I had already planned on spending my birthday this year with Jen (my second oldest sister)...I insisted that I come back as planned...well...the commercial is for a slimming center (which I will not mention which one).  I had to come back basically to start doing treatments and losing some weight..  In t...Read more

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Hainanese Chicken Crazy

Some people know that I was a vegetarian for the first 7 years of living in Hong Kong.  Well, in July it will mark the 2nd year that I have converted back into a carnivore...which leads me to the point of this blog....

Recently, I discovered that I'm in love with Hainanese chicken and rice.  I don't know what it is...maybe it's the rice...I just have this obsession for it.  It  started when I tasted some of my aunts food one day.....and then....it was all over! 

The spree began a week ago when I had my fir...Read more

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Facing My Fears

Ok, I just wanted to say that I had a great time on Sunday night.  Jun's concert just blew me away.  I really enjoyed the songs and the musicians were just amazing!  It was the first time I got to hear Jun perform and I don't know how he can sing and play drums at the same time.  That must take a lot of coordination...which for some reason...even if I am a dancer....I can't seem to  snap my fingers while I sing....ya, retarded..I know...anyways, I really liked the setting of the whole show because it was intimate, casual, and made...Read more

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Berry Good

Last week, I had the privilege of being one of the first people to sample taste "Berry Good's"  Berry good frozen yogurt.  The store has not yet open up to the public but it is under preparation for it's grand opening sometime this month. The owners of this joint are my good friend, Tracie Ng and her business partner, Jon Lee.  They decided to open this shop influenced by a trendy and hip yogurt shop in the states called "Pink Berry".  I must say....it is quite tasty!  I got to try 2 different flavors...plain and my fav...Read more

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Jewelry photo shoot

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of working with my favorite photographer and friend, Anna Przeplasko.  She is the one who took photos for my cabaret last year and since then I have loved taking photos with her.  Eugenia and I helped a few friends out by taking these photos for their upcoming jewelry launch in Lane Crawford.  It was the first time I got to take photos with my sister and it was really fun.


We started the day at the salon at 10am in Causeway Bay doing make up and hair...and then headed to a studio in Chai Wa...Read more

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HK FILM AWARDS and my new boyfriend

I posted up the photos from last night's HK Film awards.  It was fun getting ready with the family.  We were so rushed though....it was pretty funny watching my mom panic that we were running late.  I'm secretly happy that Kel (hairstylist) took his time.  Otherwise, we'd be there at exactly 6pm ..and I'd have to wear those heels for 1 more hr!  hahaha....with our timing last night, we were there long enough to walk the red carpet and once we got to the theatre the show started...PERFECT!  It was pretty fun...Read more

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Elle Magazine

So, my trip to Hong Kong has actually turned out to be quite busy...and a good trip.  I think going to New York and San Francisco at the beginning of the year really helped me recharge. 

On Monday I had an interview with "Elle" magazine for their Mother's Day issue.  Every year it never fails....I'm always asked to do interviews or jobs with my mom.  And the funny thing is that I get asked the same questions over and over again.  I always wonder if people get bored of hearing the same thing. I know I do....I go on auto...Read more

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The cartoon me

I've always wanted to be a voice of one of those Disney characters, like in the little mermaid or Aladdin.  It seems like a lot of fun creating something like that and being able sing all those songs that we grow up with as kids.  What a cool job to have.  I remember a few years back my mother had to do the voice over for the mandarin version of "The Emperors Groove".  it was really funny seeing a  cartoon with her voice.  hahaha....well, on Fri I finally had my chance to be a cartoon voice.  It's actually a children's an...Read more

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