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Thanks for the fun playtime today Aerial Arts Academy friends! Love you!!!

whatgoesaroundcomesaround #acroyoga with my #yinyang #buddy

fullcircle #circle #hope #circleoflife #circleoflove #circleofhope #acro #playtime #pose #acrobatics #acrolife #friendship #karma

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Ok Natalie Merritt and Christy Yiuyiu challenge accepted!

I haven't had time till now to post my first video/photo for Day 1 of the #loveyourpolechallenge

I believe pole dancing isn't only about the hard tricks we can do on the pole. The dancing, smooth transitions and creativity around the pole is just as important!

I nominate my students Leung Mei Fung and Cynthia Lee because I want to encourage my students to make goals and to never give up on pole!!! Hint hint

You have to post for 7 days and nominate 2 people each day!

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Playtime today at Aerial Arts Academy. Thanks for the fun session guys! Let's do it again soon!

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https://youtu.be/qgB-jTR6Rfc Happy Sunday! Here's the 15th video for M.Y. MUSIC. This is a song that I sang at my last cabaret show and I have Lolo Noy to thank for helping me with my french and Noy Mingkalaba for picking this song for me. I hope after several months the french is still ok. And to some of my french speaking friends...hope you enjoy!

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This showed up on my memory feed today and was one of my favorite routines I learned at the dance festival last year. Loved Danielle's teaching and style!

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Yes! Too bad, they needed one shot here in HK Eddie Villanueva

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Love this!

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Happy Mid Autumn Festival to everyone! And what a beautiful past few days we've had weather wise here in Hong Kong. I hope you are all enjoying the sun! It's time for episode 14 of my M.Y. MUSIC videos. One of the few Chinese songs I know :P enjoy!

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As a #performer #dancer #teacher and #choreographer I think it's always important to continue to learn and improve yourself. There's no such thing as already being the best that you can be...I think there's always room to improve! Thanks #jillianmeyers and #marissaosato for your #inspiring classes

dance #studiodanz #actress #keepondancing #ilovedance #contemporarydance #contemporary #lovedance #dancerlife #danceclass #danceclass #danceforever #marshayuan #原子鏸

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Traveling makes it really hard to keep up the weekly M.Y. MUSIC videos. But, I'm managing somehow to get it done. This was sort of a last min impromptu...I was about to do one song and then decided I didn't like it....so, I picked a song I've never sung before, practiced a few times, and had to finish the video before the sun went down. Happy week everyone!

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