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So, last night I made it into the top 10 for the MY SHOW competition.  It was very sad to see friends compete against friends.  It's not like we are killing each other off..but...I've begun to feel so emotionally attatched to everyone.  I've come a long way since it was 100 contestants down to 40.  I've begun to feel friendships develop with the others.  I'm just thankful that I never had to compete against any of my really close friends. 

Anyways...by the end of the show, the representative from 42nd St. got on stage t...Read more

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A long awaited dream

Wow....I can't believe how fast news travels.  I was going to wait till this weekends competition was over before I wrote a blog on being chosen to join the cast of 42nd St.  Yes, this has been such a long time dream for me to participate in a Broadway show...that it almost seems unreal.  When I was told that I'd be able to join the cast....I was really shocked!  Well....I don't really know what my role is going to be since they have already been in rehearsals now for over a month.  The show opens in Shanghai on the 5th....so...Read more

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been awhile

Well, it's been awhile since I wrote anything in my blog.  Let's see...what has happened...first of all, a quick update on my luggage situation....so far, no luck.  My suitcase is gone for now...but still waiting for a miracle.  I had to have someone buy new make up and face products from Hong Kong and send it over here.  Those type of products can be almost twice as expensive here in Shanghai. 

As for the competition....I competed on Friday and Saturday this week.  For the competition on Fri, I didn't perform very well.  My t...Read more

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the biggest idiot

Catchy title, eh?  Well...I'm the biggest idiot!  Last night I got back from HK and my father's driver picked me up from the airport.  Before I got to the hotel where all of us contestants are staying at....I stopped by my new apartment to drop off a few things so that my suitcase would be lighter. I also got a phone call saying that I had to prepare a song for the next days function.  I was listening to possible songs on my ipod during the trip from my apartment to the hotel when the car started to have problems.  We were so close!...Read more

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another update

To tell you the truth, I don't really worry about making it into each cut for this competition.  What I worry about is performing at my best.  One of the directors told me that it didn't matter if I was perfect or not.  He told me that if I'm too perfect now then there will be nowhere to improve...and they want to see the contestants improve....but, I don't agree.  I want each performance to be as perfect as possible.  I want to know what I&#...Read more

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july 22

It has been a long time since I have been able to have a chance to sit down and write in my blog.  I didn't have a computer for 3 days because my computer was full of viruses.  I know I should probably get a new one soon.  Well, so much has happened since the last time I wrote, I don't know where to begin. 

     First of all, the opening act that I put together with a group of the other contestants went much better than expected.  I got many comments saying that it wasn't as good as the performance I had done the week before with ...Read more

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not cut out for this

    I finally remember why I don’t like to be a leader.  I’m not really the type of person who likes to argue.  In fact, when it comes to arguing….I’d rather give in to the other party then waste my breath yelling.  This is always more apparent when it comes to strong minded people.  I know that it’s just going to mean that I’ll have to go around in circles with them because …in the end….their opinion (to them) is the only “correct” one.  It is very frustrating to work with talented and opinionated people….I want to be fair and give ...Read more

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Random Thought

Ok….here is something really random.  I was just in a taxi, on my way to the hotel, when the taxi driver started to get mad at the driver in the next lane.  When I looked over at the other driver, I saw him look at my driver and he actually gave him the middle finger (flicked him off!)  I didn’t know that this gesture was universal?  Well…..it was strange for me to see a local Chinese man doing it..hahaha….



我坐出租車回酒店的時候,我那輛出租車的司機和我們旁邊的那輛出 租車有了爭執,我居然看到,那個司機對我那輛車的司機伸出他的中 指,在美國這可是髒話,我覺得不可思議,居然看見中國人也做出同 一動作,...Read more

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leading the team

  prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /      Well….these past few days have been pretty stressful for me.  The director of My Show put a few of us in charge of creating the different group performances.  There are 3 of us from the “talented” group who got chosen.  So, for the last few days I have been trying to come up with ideas but nothing seemed to work.  Then….yesterday the directors changed their mind about certain things…that made me have to completely change everything that I though of before….

...Read more
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last performance



here is the link for the last performance that I did....! 



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