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first week

Ok...so....the first week of our performances went extremely well.  The audiences are enjoying the show and the ticket sales are going very well.  It has been such a great first week!  We had 2 days off on Monday and Tuesday...those days were VERY busy because Monday was our big Shanghri-la buffet day.  There were 6 of us who went and we spent a whole 3 hrs there!  It was such a wonderful lunch!  Everyone was so happy!  I have never seen so many smiles before!  Just going to get food I could see everyone's eyes sparkle with joy!  This is what ...Read more

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Opening Night

Last night, 9 of my friends from MY SHOW came to watch my performance of 42nd St.  It was so nice to see their faces.  It seems like so long since I was competing with them.  And they are all still competing!!!  I can't believe all that has happened since 2 weeks ago.  There was so much I wanted to say to them and so many things I wanted to share with them...but, there was no time because I had to get ready for the show....I just hope that I'll get a chance to see them again before or right after their final performance.....

The...Read more

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banana cake madness

Wow..I can't believe it's already been a week since my last blog.  Hmmm.....well, I've been put into the Audition number. IT is a lot faster than I had been practicing it...and also, it's a lot different with everyone else there taping with me...it can get kind of confusing... And the opening is tomorrow night.  I'm very excited about it...and of course, nevous as well....I have some fans coming to watch and a friend coming too.  So..it should be fun. 

Oh, last night one of the musical directors came over to co...Read more

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Uncomfortable experience

Ok, so...Wed night I get a call asking me to sing at a function the following day.  Of course, the first person I called was Lawrence (my cousin who is the best guitarist in Shanghai) to see if he would be able to play for me.  Unfortunately, it was too last minute for him to pull out of his gig at JZ.  So....one of the musical directors, Jeff was happy and willing to help me out.  We show up early at the club "Attica"...which looks very different in photos.  It could have been the fact that it was VERY dark in the club.  A...Read more

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Bonding with the cast

OK..so, here is the update on what is going on in my world today.  Friday night I ended up going to JZ Club and a whole bunch of the cast were already there.  It ended up being a really fun night because I got to hang out with the cast and start to bond outside of the show.  My friend Sean (from HK) came for a visit as well...so, that just topped off my Friday night. 

I didn't start rehearsing till Monday morning.  Christine has been helping me with rehearsals..and she is just fabulous!  Such a nice, talented, and beautiful ...Read more

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a short update


Well....for the last 2 nights that I was in Long Gang, I was put into the show.  I think each night got better and better....and I'm getting used to working with this cast.  I got put  into the bows the final night.  And it has all just been such a tremendous experience learning things so quickly and then being thrown onto the stage.  It's quite exciting!  haha...Today I go back to Shanghai and will hopefully start to learn the rest of the routines.  I don't know how much they will give me before opening night on the 5th....Read more

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The REAL 42nd St

Yesterday, I started the day with a rehearsal with Rick (choreographer), Christine (dance captain), and Qu Lin (my personal tap coach).  I had to learn a number called "Lullaby of Broadway".  There were only a few steps...but...then after I had learned that number, I had a stage rehearsal with the cast.  Rick put me in 4 numbers(2 of the numbers I had learned the day before and another one I learned right on stage with the cast)...doing all the spacing and everything...in about 2 hrs. Of course, all the dance steps and blocking...w...Read more

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Retarded Side

Ok...so, yesterday was my first tap rehearsal for 42nd St.  The girl that was sent from Beijing to help me learn all of the routines is Qu Lin.  She is a very nice girl and we hit it off the day that she arrived.  So, in the morning Rick ( our choreographer) along with Christine (the dance captain) taught Qu Lin and me the rountine for the first number, "Audition".  We only learned the first half of the routine and I was sweatin like I never sweat before!!!  It was endless dripping!!!  Those of you who really know me, you know that I ...Read more

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Caught in the Middle

Well...this will be my second morning in Long Gang, Shenzhen.  It's more than an hr away from the Shenzhen airport.  I'm here because the cast of "42nd st" is in the middle of their tech rehearsals and they are also going to have 2 rehearsal performances, one on the 21st and one on the 22nd.  I arrived on the 15th in order to make it to their press conference at the Long Gang Cultural Center.  After the press conference a camera crew that I know from "MY SHOW" came to shoot my preparations for the show. 

...Read more
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A Lovely Dinner

Yesterday I had my first tap class...well, first one in about 2 years!  And it went really well. The girl that taught me was this nice young Aussie who works at Jazz du Funk in Shanghai.  I'm actually not as rusty as I thought I'd be...but, we'll see how sore I'll get after a few more lessons.  Hahaha....I did my first "wing" (for those of you who know the tap terms) ever!  It was very inspiring....I'm really looking forward to today's lesson....

After my lesson I had a very lovely dinner with my fans...Read more

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