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watch and learn

Hong Kong has been good.  It's amazing how much I miss it here...hahaha....it's been a good first week.  I'm basically working on a commercial which requires a lot of my time each day....once it's launched I will let you all know what it is...I'm also working on a few gigs while I'm in town.  So, I'll be starting to rehearse pretty soon.   I've continued on  with my watching shows streak...by starting with the Harry Conick Jr Concert last Wed.  It was actually a birthday present.  And it was a VERY APPRECIATED ...Read more

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Birthday Extravaganza

Last week was the first time I got to spend my birthday with my sister, Jen(who is NOT an actress)....in about 10 yrs!  We used to always celebrate together because her birthday is March 6th and mine is March 7th.  As children we'd have huge parties together.  It was a yearly event at our house.  Well...this year I planned it so that I'd be in San Francisco to celebrate both of our birthdays.  My brother, Harry lives in SF as well and my other sister, Eugenia flew up from LA to join us.  The party started on the 6th with a reall...Read more

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Topping off weird encounters!

Topping off my weird encounters this time in NY.....It was the day before my last dance classes and I was sitting around the studio watching "Lost" online (which you can only do in the U.S. which sucks!!!  because I'm hooked!) .....at the corner of my eye I felt someone was watching me.....I kept on watching.....and after awhile I just couldn't stand it anymore and I looked up.  And there was my dance teacher from Hong Kong, Angela!!!  She is the owner of Studiodanz in Hong Kong.  And is is above all the BEST d...Read more

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Life in NYC

classes have been going very well.  If I could take classes for a living...I think that would definitely be my new career!  hahaha...too bad, they cost money.  I am now a regular with the classes that I take and my favorite teacher finally knows my name!  In the years that I've come back to NY to take her classes..it's only now that she knows!  Today I am going to take a vocal lesson.  I got in touch with this vocal teacher through a friend and I'm hoping that he will be a good teacher that I could take from when I do move over here. ...Read more

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A great start to Chinese New Year!

First, I'd like to say "Gong Hei Fat Choi" to everyone!!!  It has definitely been a very strange start to the Chinese New Year.  I had a great lunch with a friend from Hong Kong, Mary Shen.....and she brought along 4 friends who were all very interesting people.  We had a great lunch AND I got lucky money!!!  I didn't expect to get lucky money this year because I am in NY.  But.....it was nice to get some!  hahaha.....

So, last night, I went to watch the show "Curtains".  It's a reall...Read more

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strange things happen for a reason

The strangest thing happened to me last night.  I am upstate NY now....visiting my cousin, Jeff and his family.  It is a beautiful little town and their house is the cutest most perfect little place to raise 2 beautiful kids.  I am now in the process of deciding what to do for my audition on Monday for this Indian play.  What I have to do, is come up with a 5 min improv  choosing 1 of the sides that they provided for me...using anything from  dance, singing, acting...or anything that I want...it's an exciting audition.....Read more

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New York adventures

So, I'm having a great time here.  I've watched 2 shows so far.  "Spring Awakening" and "Ave Q".  I loved both shows!  The music in "Spring Awakening" was great!  They had this sort of alternative style and some of the songs reminded me a bit of Green Day.  The actors were all really good except that the lead guy had spit flying everywhere....it was literally raining and I was sitting in the 18th row!!!  I feel bad for the first row and the leading lady who had to allow the spit to continue flying ont...Read more

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So...my first 2 days in NY!!!  And I'm loving it!!!  Ok, I took Virgin America..and it was a GREAT flight...cool blk leather chairs...my own row to myself...I go into the bathroom and there is actually music playing while I pee!!! Ha!  My bags came out really fast...though I was a bit sad that I had to pay $10 for an extra bag...plus, the carts cost $3!!!  I had to take a car service to my friends place in Brooklyn...but, I made it ok..and it's pretty cool here.  I've never actually been to this part of town...it's nice and quiet ...Read more

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Trying My New Life

Ok....I'm in SF now with my sister, brother-in-law, and brother.  I actually came here to bring my dog Seth all the way from Shanghai to SF...My sister, Jen, is going to take care of him while I figure out my life.  So, the move to NY is VERY possible.  Over the weekend we went snowboarding in Kirkwood (Tahoe) and today we had a few errands to run before I take my flight to NY tomorrow.   I'm very excited, anxious, nervous, scared...all in one!!!  It's a very confusing feeling....well, I'm going to take some dance classes, ...Read more

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JZ Yuan Yuang Concert

Well....my concert on the 6th went pretty well in Huangzhou.  My family was there to support me so that really helped a lot.  At sound check, I wasn't feeling very focused probably because the only thing I had to eat was a banana and congee.  But, I made it through the night without forgetting too many lyrics.  There is just something about the actual performance that gives me more energy than the rehearsals.  And looking down to see my family there really helped me each time I was nervous.  I was very happy to have shared that mome...Read more

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