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Hong Kong coincidences

Hong Kong coincidences

Well, the flight from Singapore was quite pleasant, even though it was a night flight. It was a new aircraft and the chairs had a massage function! It was a very subtle massage though... I like those really deep tissue massages. Anyway, when I arrived in Shanghai I had to run errands all day, then in the evening, I was still able to go to archery! It's such a fun sport!

The next day I had to get up early to catch a flight to Hong Kong.

It was sooooo nice and warm when I arrived. Most p...Read more

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Rainy Singapore


I have been in Singapore for a few days and it has been raining a lot! I don't mind it though as it is still warmer than in Shanghai! Shooting has been quite relaxed as we can't do a lot of outdoor stuff coz of the rain.

Last night we were on Orchard Road. It was really busy. It looked really nice though as there were Christmas lights everywhere. I'm so used to a cold Christmas, so it's funny to be wearing short sleeves and knowing that Christmas is around the corner! In Holland it's always cold around Ch...Read more

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Aston Martin in China

I went to the Aston Martin event the other day. They have just launched in China.

You won't see me driving a car in China anytime soon though as the traffic in Shanghai is madness!

I had to drive a jeep in Phuket after a long time of not driving and I'm used to switching gears with my right hand, but in Thailand it's the opposite from Holland and China. Luckily I didn't have to drive faster than 40km p/h , so it was no problem!

They used a similar car ...Read more

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Simon Show

I went to the Simon Show in Phuket... I'm sure most of you have heard about the beautiful lady boys in Thailand. I've seen them on documentaries... Well, I had to check them out for myself!!!

I was amazed by the show. Most of them looked like real women! They even seemed more feminine than most women. After the show they lined up outside so the audience could take pictures with them. It was madness! People were pushing each other to get a picture taken with them. I didn't want to risk any more bruises as I had enough already f...Read more

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Just got back from Hong Kong! I was there for a few days. Glad it was a bit warmer there than in Shanghai! I really wanted to stay longer, but there are things I have to take care of in Shanghai. Anyway, I finally managed to upload my Bangkok pics!

Going to Thailand brought so many great memories back of my time in "The King and I" as the story is set in Thailand.

We wore beautiful Thai costumes, masks, pagodas etc in the show . To finally go to Thailand and to be surrounded by the culture and beautiful sights was a great ex...Read more

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My Thailand trip!

It was so nice and warm there! I even got a bit of a sunburn!

Pictures are sometimes better than words:

Just a pineapple?


My blog is not complete without food pics:

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I will miss you Gibb

I just got back from Thailand!

Spend almost two weeks there filming!

It was very adventurous as usual!

I made some new friends there, everybody: meet GIBB!

I will miss him dearly...

Looking back on the fun we had...

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Beyonce is da bomb!!!!

I had an awesome, awesome night!

I went to Beyonce's concert! One of the best concerts I've been to!

Unfortunately I didn't have great seats...I was not in SH, so my friend helped me to get tickets, but the good ones were already sold out... but I'm glad I got to go to the concert at least! YEAAAAH! Beyonce's singing, her dancing, it was amazing!!! Her dancers were really hot too!

It was such a great experience watching her live! She really gave her all, can't believe she does this up to ...Read more

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I wasn't planning to go out, but in the end I did! Mr. Patrick Lee was in town! Also got to catch up with some other friends!

First stop was Simon Ma's Halloween party. It was at his gallery close to the Bund.

I just love the tennis game on the Wii, it's a great work out too!

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Le Platane, Coffeebean and JZ Club!

The week started great with Howard McCrary coming to Shanghai with some other friends from Hong Kong!

Our close friends David and Kim Yeh took us out for a delicious lunch at Le Platane in Xintiandi. David and Kim were are actually the ones who donated the angel money for the very first Musical Moments in 2005! Thanks to them the Musical Moments baby was born!

After that we went to Coffeebean to meet Michael Wong and his friend Joseph who is working on Mummy 3 right now.

After having dinner at Di...Read more

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