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Am in wenzhou, my parent's hometown!

My mom arrived in Shanghai a week ago and we've been in Wenzhou for a few days now... So weird to be surrounded by people who speak one of the languages I grew up with, haha!

There so much good food here... Have not been working out this week... I feel like I'm already starting to expand again, I can't resist!!!!!!! There is yummy food around every corner! Will post food pics when I'm back in SH. Can't wait to use my own laptop again! Didn't bring it, coz i...Read more

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White Crane Chronicles

Am already back from Hengdian!

I originally had to rush of to the Philippines for my other tv show right after the movie, so my schedule for the film was quite tight...I had to wake up at 03:30 for my first day of filming!!!

The trip to the Phils got postponed, but I will be going to Singapore again very soon!

The filming went quite well and everybody was really nice! I had a lot of fun with the stunt people, gosh... they work sooo hard!  The whole crew actually...Respect!

I initially had to do a pretty...Read more

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off to Hengdian

Just got home after a looong day. Have been working my butt off in the gym for months now and it has paid off! I have McDonalds quite often after my workout... It's right next to the gym!!

I normally have the Mcfishfilet and a nice Chocolate Sundae. Not a good habit, but it's really good once in a while...every three days...

So tomorrow I'll be off to Hengdian to do a movie with David Carradine and Daryl Hannah! That's half the cast of Kill Bill! Pretty cool! And ag...Read more

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My hiphop gig with Redstar!

I was invited to record a song with Hiphop group Redstar here in Shanghai! The track is called "Friends" and  you can check out the demo version on their website!! We recorded it on Thursday and then performed it last night (Saturday)


Redstar's members are:MC Morgan Alexander Jones aka Mojo, MC Tang King and DJ/Producer, Sickstar. Last night I performed the song with them at a really cool venue called 4LIV...Read more

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Durian... love or hate?

I remember the first time I had Durian...

I came home from school and opened the door to the living room... As soon as I stepped in the room I was hit by this terrible stench! It smelled like the rubbish bin hadn't been emptied in weeks!

Anyway, it was my mom who had just cut open a durian... she told me to have some quickly coz it was delicious...... I refused, no way I was gonna eat something that smelled like garbage! She insisted though...(yes, I listen to my mom) S...Read more

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fear for haidressers

What is it with most hairdressers? Why can't they just give me a simple hair trim?

Last weekend I went to a hairdresser that my friends were raving about...

I have a fear for hairdressers...I don't get my hair cut often, coz every time the hairdresser cuts off too much! I used to go to a great one in Beijing, but he moved... Then I found a good one in Shanghai, but he moved to Hangzhou...WHY?!

Anyway...so the first thing I told the hairdresser was: I don't like too much layering...really...  not too ...Read more

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Xiao long xia! 小龙虾!

Me and my co hosts had a xiao long xia feast! We went to a very famous place where you can have xiao long xia (cray fish) called xiang li baba in xujia hui.

In the hairy crab season they also sell hairy crabs ( another favorite of mine!)

You get these plastic gloves and aprons to put on coz it can get messy! You also get a mini plastic tub for the shells.

There are different kinds to choose from and you can also decide how spicy you want it to be; little bit spicy, medium and hot! It's kinda like peeling prawns...Read more

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It's all about food!


On the day that we arrived in Singapore, the local crew guys took us to East Coast Lagoon Village where I had my first LAKSA in Singapore, it was sooo delicious!

The second Laksa I had was in a foodcourt on Orchard road:

Read more

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Any suggestions for Singapore?

I'm off to Singapore on Tuesday!

I've been in transit before at Changi airport, but that doesn't really count!

There should be some time for us to go shopping. Does anybody have some suggestions for where to go for good food and where we should go to shop for clothing and gifts? I'm looking for stuff that they don't really sell in China... Which will be hard, haha! Number one on my to do list is: eat LAKSA!!!

I'm really looking forward to go there as people have told me that there...Read more

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Weekend Higlights and even legends bleed...

My weekend highlights!


Vodka party at Three on the Bund with two friends and the one and only Mr. John Benn!

There was a free flow of vodka, a great performance by dancers from Jazz du Funk and some very scarcely dressed models to present the newly designed vodka bottles...So everyone was quite happy!

Saturday: I went to Zapatas, a club on hengshan lu to meet my friend Selina. Her boyfriend is one of the security guys at Zapatas so...Read more

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