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Aston Martin in China

I went to the Aston Martin event the other day. They have just launched in China.

You won't see me driving a car in China anytime soon though as the traffic in Shanghai is madness!

I had to drive a jeep in Phuket after a long time of not driving and I'm used to switching gears with my right hand, but in Thailand it's the opposite from Holland and China. Luckily I didn't have to drive faster than 40km p/h , so it was no problem!

They used a similar car in the latest 007 movie

Cat and me!

The Korean singer Kangta sang a few songs

Off to Singapore tomorrow where it will be warm!!!

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nice car......so did u get a chance to give it a try?
over 16 years ago
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wow cool! you should have run up and made it a duet. luckily i've only had to drive automatic cars on the right side, never had to try manual... but i still always mix up the windshield wipers w/ the turn signal. :-P
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