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Hong Kong coincidences

Hong Kong coincidences

Well, the flight from Singapore was quite pleasant, even though it was a night flight. It was a new aircraft and the chairs had a massage function! It was a very subtle massage though... I like those really deep tissue massages. Anyway, when I arrived in Shanghai I had to run errands all day, then in the evening, I was still able to go to archery! It's such a fun sport!

The next day I had to get up early to catch a flight to Hong Kong.

It was sooooo nice and warm when I arrived. Most people in Hong Kong don't seem to think that way, but compared to Shanghai now, HK weather is really great!

I was a bit nervous for my gig as the client requested for an opera song..that's not really my thing though, anyway, I thought I didn't know anybody at the event anyway. Halfway my song, one of the guests came up to the podium and handed me a rose, I accepted it with a smile and then realized it was a friend of mine! That was the 1st coincidence!

After the gig I jumped in a cab and called Patrick straight away. He said he was on his way to an event with the AND team. I handed the phone to the driver so Pat could tell him the address...after about 15 minutes we passed the Grand Hyatt...Hey! that's where I got on the cab! The event turned out to be at the convention centre next to the Hyatt where I did my gig...I could have walked there in less than 30 seconds! The "friendly" cab driver gave me a nice sightseeing tour of Wanchai... that's why it took a while...anyway, I met up with the AND team and went to the event in the convention centre... It was a lot of fun. Eugene Pao was performing and also JIN! Great job guys!I also bumped into the sexy Ifat. That was basically coincidence nr. 2, coz it was next door from where I initially was.

The next day was the first time I didn't have to wake up early, but after 4 hours of sleep, I opened my eyes... tried to sleep for another two hours... didn't happen, so I went online. I went to this editing suite where I picked up some footage of Musical Moments! Then I went with my very dear friend Mary to Causeway Bay... We were about to walk into a shop when I heard somebody call my name... I turned around and it was a friend from Szechuan Provence... he lived in Guangzhou before, but had now moved to Hong Kong to open up a new business.

We chatted for a bit and then Mary and I continued shopping. coincidence nr. 3.

We decided to check out some mobile phones @ times square... I was looking at some in a shop when I suddenly heard two people talking in Wenzhouhua. I was thinking to myself, ah, that sounds so familiar..It's the first language I learned! Then when I turned around I could hardly believe my eyes, it was my uncle who was based in Holland! I had no idea that he was in Hong Kong! it's just so funny... I don't see me relatives often, but then I meet one in a small mobile phone shop in HK!  that's obviously coincidence nr. 4!!

Now I'm back in Shanghai, yes, back in the cold...HK, I'll be back soon!

Close your eyes and shoot!

Now, this is a bigger one...

JIN doing his thang onstage. Ifat!!

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nice pics !!! u seem had alot fun there !!! come to beijing please .... ADI
almost 16 years ago
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oh wow....bow & arrow......dangerous girl.....
almost 16 years ago
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why exactly are you shooting a bow and arrow?!? :-P the ladies are shan chen and kea wong (and don't forget to tag yourself!) that coincidence w/ your uncle is amazing! so random!
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