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Beyonce is da bomb!!!!

I had an awesome, awesome night!

I went to Beyonce's concert! One of the best concerts I've been to!

Unfortunately I didn't have great seats...I was not in SH, so my friend helped me to get tickets, but the good ones were already sold out... but I'm glad I got to go to the concert at least! YEAAAAH! Beyonce's singing, her dancing, it was amazing!!! Her dancers were really hot too!

It was such a great experience watching her live! She really gave her all, can't believe she does this up to 5 x a week!!!

After the concert we went to the afterparty where I met Beyonce's dancers! Really cool people.

In the show they did their own version of Cell block tango/ He had it comin' from the musical Chicago. It was a nice surprise as I love musical  as well! If you get the chance to watch Beyonce... I assure you, You won't be disappointed!

I took pictures, but some of them are a bit blurry, sorry! It's a new camera, so I still have to figure out the settings.

With Ding Shuang at the afterparty @ Glamour bar!

This is Monique who did a dance performance at the afterparty with her Jazz Du Funk colleagues

We met several dancers from Beyonce's show at the afterparty. We took them to Richy's, a new club in SH. I don't go to clubs often...So it was a first for me to go there.

This is Cliff, one of the three male dancers in the show!

Heather and Ashley, beautiful and supertalented dancers! We danced till the early hours!

After Richy, we took some of them to 小城故事. It's kinda becoming a ritual! It's been crazy since I got back from my big trip! Parties, catching up with friends, moving house etc...

I will be leaving for another TV shoot this Thursday. We'll be going to THAILAND this time! So glad I can go somewhere warm! It's getting cold in Shanghai! I need the sun!

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dude, thailand this time? you get all the exotic locals. I want to go in December... how long will you be there?
over 16 years ago
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i only went to Bangkok before, i liked the temples and palaces, but its hot and polluted... watch out for the scam artists too! (but i hear the countryside areas are great!)
over 16 years ago
ohhhh nice pics !!! hey i will go to visit HK on the 15th ... will u be there ???i think that will be great if we can have a meet ... i want u to teach me singing ...haha !!!! ADI
over 16 years ago
Wow.... u r such a lucky gal~~ can watch the concert and met her dancers!! did she sing 'Listen'?
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