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I wasn't planning to go out, but in the end I did! Mr. Patrick Lee was in town! Also got to catch up with some other friends!

First stop was Simon Ma's Halloween party. It was at his gallery close to the Bund.

I just love the tennis game on the Wii, it's a great work out too!

Simon Ma was dressed up as a vampire! Check out his teeth!

Lovely ladies

The Phantom of the Opera?

It was a a little bit of a squeeze back in Nathalie's car! She drove very, very fast.......

At Guandi with Andrew Ballen. It was my very first time to go there...

Lea, Rob, Matt, Lucky, Patrick

We were hungry so we went to 小城故事 at 03:00! Patrick was feeling very sleepy...zzzzz

SO cute, Patrick smiles in his sleep!

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oh, so thats why he was too busy to get online... ps - 'lucky' is hot!
over 16 years ago
Patrick does look cute when he is sleeping!!!!! That's the way to do it Pat!
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