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My Thailand trip!

It was so nice and warm there! I even got a bit of a sunburn!

Pictures are sometimes better than words:

Just a pineapple?


My blog is not complete without food pics:

One of my fave Thai dishes, Green Curry Chicken!!!

The best way to end a meal, dessert!!!!!!

Some local art

In anticipation of my Thai massage!

This is Racha Island... the color of the water is so beautiful...

It was fun to see people walk/stumble on this floating bridge...hehe...

Run for your life!!!

Taken from the speedboat

Finally! A picture of Erik without making a funny face! We're making progress here!

 Our ride had surround sound, yeah!

Simple and a lot of fun with a group!

Most of us won back scratchers with the balloon game... Our crew put them to the test!

Ok, sorry... I was wrong...Old habits...

You give them a flower and this is what happens...

I'm a delicate little flower

I feel pretty, I feel pretty,I feel pretty and witty and...

My first bruises... Had been rubbing them with bai hua you, so it looked a lot better already when I took this picture. You will see on the show how I got them...

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u seem had alot fun there ... very nice pics !!! ADI
almost 16 years ago
Photo 23873
All these delicious Thai food.....now I am hungry. And a Thai massage.....mmm..... that's perfect!
almost 16 years ago


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