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My Own Muay Thai Fight


It was exciting indeed, I mean, how much can you train in

just a few weeks? How ready can you be? Well, I was going to find out…

The female fighters normally get their hair braided, so I got mine

done in a salon down the road from the gym. It took about 30 minutes. I got ready for the fight. Tuk and another trained helped me to wrap up my hands. We then prayed and then Tuk put the… on my head.

M opponent Diana and I got into the ring and we did

our Wai-Khru dance. All the...Read more

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Lea Salonga in concert


Last weekend I watched Lea Salonga's concert here in HK.

I'm sure everybody into musical theatre knows her. She originated the role of Kim in "Miss Saigon". Not only was she the first Asian to play Eponine and later on Fantine in "Les Miserables" on Broadway, but she was also the singing voice in "Mulan" and Princess Jasmine in "Alladin". She's the most well known Philippina in and outside of the Philippines

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WATCH mini clips of "ADVENTURE GIRLS"!

Here are some little bits of the show!

I'm the one doing the trapeze swinging in the first vid!

I never tried conditioning my knees before, so this exercise was pretty painful as I already had bruises on my knees!

It's fun for the kids, but oh so tiring for us, need to get in shape!

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watching my first Muay Thai fight

I watched my first Muay Thai fight in Bangla stadium Phuket. Muay Thai boxing is huge in Thailand and in Phuket there are vans driving around every day with speaker phones announcing: Super real fight, monday night, monday night, 9 pm at Bangla Stadium.

The crew and I still copy the announcers very deep and low voice... Suuuper realll figgght, 9pm, 9pm!

The fight started at 21:00 and it was already full when we walked into the stadium. There were not just local people, but there were a lot of foreigners too....Read more

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ADVENTURE GIRLS - My Muay Thai Mission...part 1

I just got back from the Philipinnes and it feels weird to have a sunburn and freezing your butt off at the same time! When I look out of the window, I can see that everything is covered in a thick layer of snow... I'm going to HK in two days... Trying to escape the cold!

The first episode of the Thailand sequence has just been shown on TV! You can see part two on www.smgbb.cn, this sunday, 18:00. You can also see some snippets on Read more

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Milk & Fashion Premier Party 2

The party was pretty cool!

Besides me there were another two Japanese artists who also performed.

These are the only pictures I took. Will post some more when I get my hands on my friend's pics...

Michelle, Roy, Faith, MC JoJo

Vanessa Branch

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I just got home from the Milk & Fashion premier. Quite glad it finished at 10pm already, coz tomorrow I will be flying AGAIN. This time it's the Philippines. I love the Phils. I learned how to scuba dive there. There are many adventures lined up!

I've hardly acclimatized or I'm already going to a country where the weather is very different from Holland or Shanghai! I'm looking forward to feel the sunshine on my skin!

Here's some pictures of my food on ...Read more

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Milk and Fashion Premier Party

I got back to Shanghai today.

Saying goodbye today my family was really really hard... I miss them terribly already!

I hardly slept on the plane as usual. There's a timezone difference of 7hours between Holland and China, but I told myself that I don't do jet lags anymore!

I just came home from a dinner with cast and crew of Milk and Fashion. It was great to catch up with everybody again. Tomorrow is the premier party with lots of performances, I will  also be singing a few songs! People are wel...Read more

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You can watch the first episode of the ADVENTURE GIRLS online!

They are divided in three parts, just click on the menu to see all three of them!

The baby Orangutan segment is towards the end of the 3rd part!


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Snacking in Holland!

I'm still really enjoying my time in Holland! The time to leave is getting closer, but I don't want to think about it!

I went with my family to Antwerp in Belgium, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other places. It's nice to see all these places again... I do feel it's another part of my life... Holland is great, but I would really have to get used to it again if I ever wanted to move back.

My family have been feeding me like crazy, haha. I think I gained some weight and I have a shoot on Monday, oops!

The ...Read more

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