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Adventure Girls - How to bathe an elephant

My mission in the 2nd episode is to get to know more about elephants!

We drove for about 7hours from Bhuket Mera to Pahang state.

When we arrived at our accommodation it was already pretty late. We settled in in our rooms.  We were sharing the rooms with cockroaches, more gekkos and all other kinds of insects. There was no need to feel lonely! It was quite funny to see Zul, a macho guy from our crew, running out of his room screaming like a baby. He's scared of cockroaches!  Read more

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I'm finally with my family again!

I arrived in Holland yesterday. It sure has been a while the last time I was here. I need to go back to Shanghai next week already as I will be singing at the premier party of Milk & Fashion on the 17th of January. It will be great to catch up with the cast and crew again!

Feels funny to hear everybody around me speak Dutch again!! Not used to it anymore. My little brother has grown up so much. He's not so little anymore! I can finally watch and hear him play piano for me again! Here are...Read more

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ADVENTURE GIRLS, 06/01/08, 18:00 Shanghai International Channel

ADVENTURE GIRLS will start airing from 06/01/08 at 18:00 on Shanghai International Channel

丽险记, 2008/01/06,18:00,上海国际频道

Adventure Girls Reality Television Show with CoolEnglishTV.com


Adventure Girlsdocuments the travel assignment mission of three adventure...Read more

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In my other blog you see me arriving at Orang Utan island. To get there it actually took a plane ride from Kuching to KL and from there we drove about 4 hours to Bukit Merah Resort. From the resort it was another 10 minute boat ride to the Orang Utan Island. Quite a trip, but it was definitely worth it!

Getting ready.

Talking to Dr. Sabapathy who is in charge of the Oran...Read more

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The Adventures of ADVENTURE GIRLS!!!

My mission is to find some wild Orangutans. Pretty scary as well, the big ones can break your arm with one wipe...

Not very easy to walk around in the jungle

Does anybody know where we're going?

One monkey...

<...Read more
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I just wanna wish everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a healthy, love filled, succesful 2008!!!

Hope most of you didn't have too big of a hangover...

I went to a birthday party myself, happy birthday again Matt!!! Then to a party at a friend of a friend's house... Pretty cool party. Lost of champagne flowing, which means lots of drunk people at the end of the night...Some people become even more fun after drinking, that includes Matt, haha! Some people become nasty, I won't mention any names.. F......

Anyway, it...Read more

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Adventure Girls, our first missions...

Every episode starts with Howard sending us to a different country to go on a mission. As I mentioned in my previous blog, our first country is Malaysia!

Here we are in the office, where we talk to Howard on a big screen. However, we never see his face...

For this day of filming we woke up at 6am. Betty's and Sunny's big mission is to find the IBAN VILLAGE. They are accompanied by Erik. Before they go to the...Read more

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I have been working on this program for months now and finally I can share with everyone what the show is about! The show will start airing on the 6th of January 2008 on SMG's new international channel. People who live outside of China can watch it online. I will post the links on a later date.

My two other co-hosts are Betty and Sunny! Our show is about three girls who go on different missions in Asia. The missions are send to us through our hand ...Read more

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Cool Rhythm!

I just got back to Shanghai!

Michael Wong's album launch was a big success. Of course a lot of people came to support him!  There were people who actually didn't know that he could sing! He's not just a singer, he's a real entertainer as well! I have no voice today, I was cheering like a mad woman! I had a great time and so did the rest of the audience, by the end, people got up and danced!!!

Josie Ho and Kenny Bi were also guest singers!

Will try to add more pics that my friends took later on!

Th...Read more

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in HK again!

Well, it's as the title says, I'm back in Hong Kong again!

I knew I was gonna be back soon, but not that soon!  I came back on the 18th and went straight to rehearsals for Michael Wong's album launch this Thursday!! His album launch will happen this Thursday, which is tomorrow! he will be accompanied by an amazing big band, some kick ass backing vocalists and musicians from the Hong Kong Phil. I will be singing a duet with Michael. It should be great fun and am really looking forwa...Read more

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