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Simon Show

I went to the Simon Show in Phuket... I'm sure most of you have heard about the beautiful lady boys in Thailand. I've seen them on documentaries... Well, I had to check them out for myself!!!

I was amazed by the show. Most of them looked like real women! They even seemed more feminine than most women. After the show they lined up outside so the audience could take pictures with them. It was madness! People were pushing each other to get a picture taken with them. I didn't want to risk any more bruises as I had enough already from the mission I was on...(a few more weeks and you can see my show on TV!!!)

My favorite part of the show!!! These girls were sexy!!

Chaos outside!

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i am kind of glad that all the pictures were from far away and not clear enough to really see very much! :-D
over 16 years ago
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next time you can try the maid foot massage. ;-)
over 16 years ago
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the girls LOOK FABULOUS... i gotta go see dreamgirls......
over 16 years ago


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