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Have moved most of my stuff to the new appartment... I really dislike packing...

Am at my old appartment right now, coz I don't have wireless in the new one yet...

I will move there tomorrow!  I didn't realise I had so much stuff... So tired of packing...I still have to unpack after all this, hahaha!

I got back into Shanghai after midnight My flight was delayed! Hainan airport is not really interesting... but the beaches are not bad!

Here are a few pics from my time in Haikou and Sanya! Can't put up stuff fr...Read more

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MM video clip

I just got back from shooting in Haikou and Sanya, it was really beautiful there! It feels kinda chilly in Shanghai now, I've been on the road for one month!

Here's a little video clip of one of my fave songs I sang in Musical Moments!

Pictures will follow soon, but first I need to pack everything up!

Li-Tong - Listen (dreamgirls) Read more

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Succesful run!!!


We had two great shows!

People thought this was the best Musical Moments so far!

This is already the third year!

I should get the pics by the end of this month and I will post them immediately! We received so many great comments! A huge thank you to all the people who came to support us and "Lifeline Express"!

Last night after the performance we had an afterparty!

There were also some old friends, Tricia and Ariel who are working at Disneyland right now! Also a lot of other fr...Read more

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Cast of Musical Moments 2007

Rehearsals are going quite well! As for any production, there's never enough time, never enough rehearsals! Feeling quite tired right now though, have been traveling so much. After the show I will be going straight to Hainan Island to continue shooting for the tv show!

Just to remind everybody, the shows are on the 22nd and 23rd of October at the Hong Kong cultural centre and will start at 20:00! Hope to see you there!!!!!!!

Rehearsals at different places with choi...Read more

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A big thumbs up for the AND team for organising this awesome party! It was a big succes! i'm glad I was able to come to Hong Kong earlier and catch this party!

Here are some pics of the night!

A great performance by Conroy, 24 Herbs!!!

Great seeing you again Patrick! Read more

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Some pics of my recent adventures!!!

I just arrived in Singapore again. We went into the  jungles of Borneo to shoot all kinds of different stuff, it was hard work, but also great fun as usual. Some days we were in the car driving for 7 hours.  We did and saw some incredible things, I can't wait for this show to start airing! The beta version of the website will be launched next month! Here are some pics!!

Who dares to mess with us?

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Chilli Crab

So far it's been quite relaxed shooting our TV show compared to our last shoot in Bali! ON Monday we will be leaving for Malaysia at 3am!

I just wanna share some pics quickly of the Chilli Crab that we devoured yesterday, hehe!


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A New Adventure!

Have been crazily busy!

My mom is in town and we have been looking at heaps of apartments. She been looking into buying a place in SH so it will be more convenient for my family when they come here to visit. Two of my sisters mentioned that they would like to check China out. I hope they will!!!!!!!!

I also just heard from the landlady that I have to move out by the end of next month!

That's where the stress comes in, from tomorrow I will be away for one month and by th...Read more

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save the turtles!


I saw this poor little turtle ready to be cooked... I wanted to save it, but there were too many...

I used to have these little red cheek turtles when I was a kid...I had them for years and I cried every time one died...

Once I was in TianJin with my dad and we were having dinner with some of his friends... they s...Read more

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for all Musical theatre fans: Musical Moments 2007!!!


I will be in Hong Kong for a concert next month! This will be the third year in a row that I will be singing in this show! In total there will be 8 singers who will perform some of the most well known musical theatre songs! This year we invited the amazing Joanna Ampil who has starred in various West End shows to perform with us. I met her in England when I was with "The King and I" She is a lovely person with the most incredible voice! In a previous Musical Moments production  we shar...Read more

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