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Rainy Singapore


I have been in Singapore for a few days and it has been raining a lot! I don't mind it though as it is still warmer than in Shanghai! Shooting has been quite relaxed as we can't do a lot of outdoor stuff coz of the rain.

Last night we were on Orchard Road. It was really busy. It looked really nice though as there were Christmas lights everywhere. I'm so used to a cold Christmas, so it's funny to be wearing short sleeves and knowing that Christmas is around the corner! In Holland it's always cold around Christmas. I will probably go to Singapore again soon to finish the Singapore segment of the show! After the shoot the girls and I had a drink in Holland Village and I also met up with a friend! It's great that all this traveling gives me the opportunity to see my friends who live abroad as well!! I don't always have time to do that as schedules can be tight, so I'm always extra grateful when there is time to do so!

Yesterday I got my Aura picture taken. It's like a polaroid where you can see all these colors around your head, very interesting! The colors can change every two months. The colors and their positioning was very similar to the one I had taken in England a few years ago. The lady explained that the colors on mine meant that I have to watch out for exhausting myself. I love my work though and I feel pretty healthy, but I will just try to listen more to my body...It's funny that both the aura pictures I had taken are very similar, but the explanation is quite different! I guess there's an Asian and Western version!

 I will catch the night flight tomorrow back to Shanghai, then I will have the whole Tuesday to sort out stuff there and then on Wednesday I will be going to HK! Yippie!


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it so nice that u get to travel around......jelious >o<
almost 16 years ago
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OR... it could just be that that Aura stuff is fake. :-P coming to HK?!?
almost 16 years ago
YEAH ... I am jelious too ... bring me some times please !!!
almost 16 years ago
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Aura picture....never tried that one....where can i try ?? i am a sucker for such things.
almost 16 years ago


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