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Race Wong - Fast Foward (Promo Trailer)

This is just a quick blog to update you on the progress of the Race Wong project I have been working on. We managed to capture lots of "Behind the scenes" footage and we have put together a small promo video to show what we have been up to. The video was shot by Arne Venemaand Jona Chung Dha Lam and was edited by Arne.

Sorry guys, still no preview of the music yet. We have finished 4 songs and are making a few more, but over Chinese New Year we will working on Race's image and styling for her re-launch as an artist.

It has been fun (as you can see from the video) and the music sounds great, definitelty something different for Hong Kong.

But stay tuned cos after CNY we will be starting our promo campaign with a photoshoot, music video, and some performances!

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This project just gets better and better as it goes on! Since I'm lucky enough to have heard all the music, I know what everyone has to look forward to. Great job so far Kelv!
about 14 years ago
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Looking good! Can't wait to hear the music!
about 14 years ago
keep it going, can't wait for it~
about 14 years ago
Celina 22046615 1614778101877994 2904770034740622593 n
cool! Awesome beat :) Hope youre well! Happy NEW YEAR!
about 14 years ago
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Good work!!
about 14 years ago
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about 14 years ago
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cool stuff!
over 13 years ago


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