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Fewer and fewer indie musician friends are visiting this space.  As a result I haven't blogged for ages.  But I really feel compelled to write something today. A little more than a year ago, drummer boy Gould asked me to check out a live set played by his new band, Killersoap.  Knowing Gould's penchant for utterly technical brutal slamming on his kit I was expecting a somewhat imbalanced band performance - kinda like big Californian cabs - basically good but packed just with huge powerful fruits that leave very little to imagination.Within 30 seconds I was pleasantly surprised.  The song arrangements, the melodies, the rhythm guitars, the vocal performances, the FEMALE FANS.  They're all there.In the days that follow I got to know the band better, and I started to appreciate their point of view even more.  Everybody wants to win over the world.  But in this sick environment called Hong Kong, these kids decided early on that they would do it the hard way - by letting the music speak for itself.It's compelling.So I started working with them on their LONG AWAITED album sometime early this year.  It was at times challenging, but mostly just fun.In the past couple of weeks none of us got much sleep.  Deadlines looming..The album is due out on Oct 22.  Completely indie production, with limited distribution channels.  Come see the show and buy their music.  Finally, a local album worth buying...Video:

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26 Happiness Rd - the film

This is absolutely the best film to come out of HK this year..  great writing, great directing, great cast.  In fact, you wouldn't have guessed it was done by HK filmmakers.

I didn't knowYung Yungcould act.  Turns out Yung Yung kicks ass.

Jen Thymsaw it with me and she was still in tears 30 min after the film was over.

Go see it for yourself.  One more showtime this coming Sunday..

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SEAN la gangsta!

This is a picture of our friend SEAN TIERNEYAnd it is not, I repeat, not, taken on a movie set.... ![](/attachments/2010/09/29/19/40915_201009291940521.thumb.jpg)

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The World is For Play Final Episode

This is the FINALepisode of The World is For Play.  Even if you hate our music, you owe it to yourself to watch this episode.  The stunts on this one are face melting..

And admit it, you kinda like our music.. ;)

Tioga - The World is For Play Episode 3 - More BMX Videos

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Dayglo Jello & Deathblows on The World is for Play

Yo this is EPISODE DEUX of The World is for Play.. directed by Anson Ho featuring Brandon Dosch, Mike "Hucker" Clark, and Jared Eberwein.

Watch it because:

(1) The Stunts are real and they are sicker than Episode ONE

(2) We got another song, ALMOST HUMAN, in there from 0:17 to 1:03.

Haha enjoy..

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Dayglo Jello & Deathblows

Anson Ho, the talented young director who brought youManivorerecently finished this short series commissioned byTioga, starring a few guys with some mind blowing crazy bmx moves- Brandon Dosch, Mike Hucker Clark, and Jared Eberwein.

How am I involved?  Well that songfrom 1:07 to 2:02 is one of several songs recently done by my musical collective withD'in & C laudio - DJ&D. 

Featuring theEdwards Les Paul thatSean Tierney happily sold to me forHKD 5K.

Watch it here..

Or watch it on bmx.transworld.netwebsite..

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How to Destroy Angels

How excited am I?

Someone sent me a link..  first I heard the song, it was perfect.   Then the video, it was perfect.  I WAS IN LOVE.

Then I realized it was Trent Reznor's new band..........!

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If you have an Alivenotdead addiction...

You can't do yourself a bigger favor than to get an ipad.

Yeah.  Seriously.  I don't even dig Stevie J as a person.  But I gotta admit things are looking pretty good on this screen.  And those youtube vids - they play right on the page..  I'm smittened.

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Angel Maker

Seems that all I do lately is tease everyone with things that won't get released for a while.  But you know what, you really can't deny the excitement of a good work in progress...

So here I am again, sneaking exclusive pictures out of the set of the BLOODTRAFFICK short film.

Director Jen Thymof Lumina and Jasmine fame..

Desmond So the Producing man making everybody feel at home..

Victoria Secrets' fashion set minus the models

The quiet but deadly Kirt Kishita..

The not so quiet but probably even deadlier Philip Ng

And finally, the girl who we'd all like to see more of...

Guys, tell Jen Thymwe're all dying to see the finished film!!!

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Terence ROCKS

Quite a few of us AnD old timers haven't blogged for ages.  If you think we're cooking something..  YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!!!Recently Violent Jokes' Cla and Preety boy D'in and I got together and we started designing some new music.Claudio 'the italian' CanzonettaD'in being too tall for your average stageAnd moi...Being the seriously lucky chaps that we are, we found actor/ writer/ singer/ renaissance man extraordinaire Terence Yin to help sing one of our songs.da man...While that news is in itself noteworthy, the amazing thing is how breathtaking good Terence really is and how professional is his approach toward our indie project.With his busy schedule (hey this man works hard AND plays hard), he spent serious time listening to the crappy demo that we sent him.  He called me up a week prior to recording to actually discuss the lyrics and concept behind the song.  On the day of, he got comfortable with our barebone studio (at least he seemed to) and nailed the vocals within a few takes.  (When Cla and I do the writing, you can rest assured that the song is NOT YOUR AVERAGE KARAOKE-friendly job.)Can't you just tell the song is intense?And the results are - let's just say we love the results.If that doesn't sound remarkable to you, perhaps it's because you haven't had many singers walking into your studio trying to lay down vocals for a demo....Chillin in our accidental vocal booth..We're working on the mix right now.  Will let you hear some of it when we're all happy with the mix!!

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