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Music rocks the valley.. I'm also the video host!

First time as a video host at last weeks event. Kinda weird being the one asking questions instead of answering, but I had some tips from the pros Simon Yin  and Desmond So and think I pulled it off the best I could.I'll be doing the rest of the season for Music Rocks The Valley, so if you're there, I'm gonna get youRead more

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Jamming with MC Jin

When freestyle meets 50's Rock n Roll..  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Gr0IU8dQggk-Just

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Justin..rocks the valley?

Was reminded about this after writing my previous blog: Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQau9YzMIgI-Just

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My friends it has been WAY too long.. in person and the blog sense.I do miss the days of when I first joined alive not dead, all the parties and events during that time, and most of all, meeting the alive crew and community. Bumping into old friend Raffi mcEtchy the other day reminded me of that, and it also reminded me THAT I REALLY NEED TO UPDATE MY BLOG.So my last blog I was writing about graduating. Ever since graduating, as I told Raffi, I've been working full-fledged on my solo debut album. Over 20 new songs completed al...Read more

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Super Alive not Dead

Hello everybody!  I thought it was about time to update my blog at dinner tonight.IT has been a LONG time indeed. Would like to let you know that Elvis is doing good.What's been going on? Somewhere along the way I finished my double degree with flying colours! (I'm pretty booksmart too you know?). I've been romancing. Dealing with family drama (who hasn't), and most importantly, keeping my head in the music game.Will not reveal what's to come, however I can let you know, be prepared to see less Elvis, and MORE JUSTIN!...Read more

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Justin Lim is Elvis- again!

Hey guys,  If you're around HK on May 7, come to Skylark in Central for another night of true rock n roll! Check out the groovy poster they made for me![](/attachments/2011/04/21/15/376392_201104211518111.thumb.jpg)Hope to see you there.Cheers,Just

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Hey guys, SURPRISE!Been a long time huh?I'd like to say hello all of you again, and here's a little treat for you..My entry for the Nokia App Competition:Check it out, it might apply to you!Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EelA-As9Z_YPeace and respect,Just

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Elvis had a full house! Good times!

Hey guys,Thanks to all of you that came to support, we had a full house at skylark! Sweated my behind off real good, wearing a bling bling jacket in the spotlight!Four American ladies were sitting front row, one of them said she loved my jacket and wanted one! I told her it's my own design of an Elvis style jacket, as opposed to a replica of one he wore, and she said, "I know, I'm a fashion designer, and I also dated one of Elvis' bodyguards!"WOWI'm digging for pics and vids to share with you.The ...Read more

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Elvis is BACK!

Hey guys! I think it's about time to update this blog, really make it alive, not dead.. hee hee!Update, I've been working hard on finishing up my well tired and over it university double degree in communications and management, just finished my second last semester of exams a few weeks ago. Hope they went well!At the same time, I've also been working hard at the art of writing songs, as well as producing/mixing them. My passion for sound design and audio gear is as strong as ever. So what else is new?One of my best buds Patrick Che...Read more

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Please help me pick a nickname for Patrick Chow

Ah and here it is..So I have a nickname for everyone.. Most of everyone. I just can't figure out one for Mr. Patrick Chow: He calls me.. Hunny bear.. if you haven't heard.And he calls Scott.. Honey b*tch.(He's obsessed with carebears btw.)I've been calilng him Chowpatty, and Gaypatty for a while.. but I want something more distinct.I'd like something not...Read more

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