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Promotional Video PrimeRip.

Below is a promotional B2B video I directed for PrimeDVD's PrimeRip software.

The video was shot with a heavy use of time-lapse, to give it a certain energy.

PrimeRip allows the content of a DVD (it comes shipped on) to be easily be ripped and synced to a selected device (iphone etc) as a digital copy.

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Neguz Ft. Miss Jade - "Ride With Me" Music Video

Here is the Music Video I shot, directed and edited for Spanish rapper Neguz, and was produced by Joe Fiorello & Spencer Douglass.

The video premiered last week on Colombian TV, and will also be showing on MTV in Europe.

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1 Minute Film Festival Entry....kinda...

Bummer the 1 minute film festival got canceled and I made 2 films for it.

Quick, easy and fun.

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Article in Timeout Magazine

Article in Timeout Magazine ^^

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Neguz - Ride With Me MV out and on MTV europe soon !

Finished editing a hip-hop music video I shot and directed for Spanish based rapper Neguz called "Ride With Me" the video will be shown on MTV in Europe. Extra thanks to the regular crew including Joe, Spencer, Mike and Jona and spencer for hooking us up with Neguz's people.

Catch it soon !

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2nd David Lynch MV Competition Entry (Cinematographer) - FINALIST

Hey All

Not all the finalists have been announced however ONE of the TWO David Lynch competition videos I worked on has made it into the Finals ^^ For this particular video I was the Cinematographer^^

Congrats to the Director/Editor Jon So, (good fun to work with) and the rest of the crew !

Check out the video here: http://genero.tv/watch-video/17314/

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David Lynch MV Competition Entry

Hey All Made an entry for the David Lynch film competition in which film makers compete to make a music video for a track by David Lynch. I got together with some of the usual suspects (Joe, Kirt, Emma etc) and made a video which can be seen here:

  http://genero.tv/watch-video/23330/PLEASE VOTE !!! Read more

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Mister French Taste Trailer

Trailer & Poster for a show I co-wrote called Mister French Taste ^^    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThBb2D0zEnw

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Sneak Peek Neguz - "Ride With Me" Music Video

Directed, DP'd and now editing a music video for Spanish based rapper Neguz (feat Miss Jade & Sha Bros). The track is called "Riding With Me" and is turning out quite nicely ^^ The song is in English, Spanish and Mandarin. Here are some early screen shots, the video features Michael Chan going on a crazy all nighter involving drinking and beating the hell outta people, while trying to catch up with the girl of his dreams. Stay tuned for the video which will be done very soon ! Read more

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Interview on AmpedAsia.com

Say what ? Interview and Up Down Girl Music Video on AmpedAsia.com ?? Hell yeah ! http://www.ampedasia.com/article/Up-Down-Girl-Music-Video-and-QA/[![](/attachments/2010/12/06/14/49156_201012061456161.thumb.jpg)](/batch.download.php?aid=8296340)

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