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Realised watever i want to say is already in the statuses on my facebook...hope Peachey is not irritated by my constant update of statuses there heh

1) Jeremiah got his hepetitis B vaccination jab; in laws brought him  there while i looked after Stariel at home. MIL said he was 4.78kg. Stariel is not even over 10kg despite being 19 mths old. And the boy is 1 mth old only...[He's complaining angrily now as i type as he wants to be carried or fed AGAIN i think. ok he wanted attention]

2) Sold a stock coz hubby said there might be a correction soon, and then it went up HIGHER. Opportunity cost was like S$120 over ARGH. Guess im too kanchiong (frantic for nothing). I should have just left it alone and let it rise on its own. So many times i should just leave my stocks alone and let it rise.

3) Just realised my dad didnt buy lottery numbers based on what Stariel gave him on Jeremiah's 1 mth's dinner. The numbers came out!!! And my FIL bought and won S$500...so just now we treated Stariel like our 'fortune God". bad bad i know......:P Hope she'd be my lucky star. She's MY Daughter leh....but others gained. Shouldnt it be me? mm...k watever. I never won any lottery before. Hopefully this will be my 1st time Cross fingers Was telling hubby if i won, the money will go partially to her violin lessons (which are gonna be exp) anyway.

4) Ok, this point is not a very likeable trait. But becoz i think i have high testosterone levels, im a very competitive person. I'd beat my enemies flat when they irritate or pose any threat to me. So when some ppl mutter some irritating words to me, take note, i'd REMEMBER it Forever and i'd do something to kill the competition (got violent streak). Some comments are obviously damn STUPID or IGNORANT/ARROGANT.

K at this point my tiger boy again wants attention. so would stop here...




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AC100: yeps agreed musicnote: thx! Jo: thx. actually the comments i was irritated with were in a private blog written here regarding ppl's opinions about music.
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Hi there, have performed at weddings (e.g Conrad, Four Seasons Hotel etc.) and at a doctors' dinner event. To hear my playing/singing, you can go to my Profile

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