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Slipped Discs

My dad was warded in a hospital for he can't walk. It's a perennial problem: whenever he walks there's a sharp pain. He said its either slipped discs or an impinched nerve...

And just yesterday Mr Cloudz suddenly came back from work in the afternoon saying his back hurts. And it's due to his old injury during National Service; injured his back real bad.....(tat was b4 i knew him). Went to the doc who jabbed him and gave him medicine/painkillers...might have to go for the MRI scan like my dad, and prob need an operation to stop the prob once and for all depending...unless it doesnt hurt so bad. It costs a bomb! Sigh. Hope his insurance would cover...and anyway having an operation is no fun either  

Hope their condition improves....need divine intervention partially

And my MIL has complained her hand hurts. Guess its a nerve thing, and doc said she's not supposed to touch water. But she washes the clothes hence its bad...Mr Cloudz was toking with his parents, dunno if wanna get a maid or not...but no place for the maid to sleep except the living room...

Sigh, these are happening to ppl closest to me. Cannot take your back health for granted. When it hurts its no joke...so happens i got pretty bad posture...

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