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My Rainy Days


My Rainy Days




This is an overdue review since the movie is long over. But i really liked this movie and it will be permanently on my Likes list.

Its about this very pretty and poor thing gal who got raped but it was not revealed till the end, and mum forced her to abort the child. When in the hospital, she walked past a guy who shared the same name as her.

Years passed, she became a ringleader in a teen prostitution syndicate, was highly popular. Till one day, the photo shop gave her the wrong set of photos, which belong to that same guy. Frm then she changed all her ways to study hard so tat she can date him (a teacher). She didnt know he had a terminal illness and his days were numbered. He suddenly just vanished from her. His cuz moved by her love told her his whereabouts.

And again he didnt tell her till she looked back when leaving in a bus tat he fainted and was sent to a hospital. He then had to decide whether to take the brain operation risking death or forgetting her. In the end for a chance to be with her, he did.

He had lost his memory. It was raining like the scene when they met to exchange the photos. She again purposely threw away her umbrella in excuse to share his. She was crying in the rain. He sheltered her, and asked if she could go out with him...

Very touching show, and the gal is SO pretty....

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