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Have been bio-ing at Gucci handbags lately...since i have 1 LV, and 1 Coach, decide tat i should have 1 Gucci bag. And Mr Cloudz is buying for me for part of the push presents.

But after going 2 rounds at the Paragon and Taka retail stores, can't seem to find a design/colour that i really like...and the bad thing is they dun carry last season's stocks :( Then i wonder what do they do with it??? Destroy it like Chanel??? :O So wasteful...

Nevertheless, here're some designs which i find not bad, but the colour is not exactly what i want...i want something unique like either pink and gold strap (which is previous season's) or the classic white with green and red details, but not in an ugly fashion :P k im very particular...

Any of you have any designs to suggest?


This looks quite nice, a classic, but i got a feeling i didnt spot this as wat i liked in the store, becoz maybe its bigger than it looks? Or too small? i dunno....or did i just miss this?

This reminds me of the LV bag. I quite like this shape, but the thing is, i prefer to shoulder carry my bags rather than at my elbow...

Seems silver for this looks nice, but not sure if it'd match clothing easily...


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