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One day!!!

If you know me well... I'm a guy who doesn't ever need to have many electric guitars... I have two electric guitars as I've blogged about ages ago!  HERE  I used them a lot... they all get their lovin from me... 

I'll buy a guitar that gives me that special gut feeling... I also believe that it's the player's touch that makes the guitar sound good.  I'm not saying that any cheap guitar sounds great.. you still try 'em out!!!

OK...do you guys remember the movie 'Wayne's World' ???

Do you remember the scene when Wayne walks by the music instrument store and drools over a white Stratocaster!  Here's the scene when he finally buys it!

Video: http://hk.youtube.com/watch?v=WStE470Nu4s&eurl=http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=waynes+world&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefo Waaakakakkaa!!! Excalibur!!! No Stairway to Heaven.. Denied!!!

OK back to my story...

Every time I ever go to Tom Lee (Music store in HK) I walk in the guitar section and behind enclosed glass I drool over this baby!!!!  This would be my 'Excalibur'!!!

Custom Hybrid Tele/Strat

It's like two guitars got married and went on a mad crazy love making honeymoon and created this just for me!!!!  Well there must have been a lot of love makin' cos they only made 100 !!!!!!

Every time I'm at the store... I stand in front of it for at least 3-5 mins and listen to it call out to me... " Save me Don! Save me!!!  My life will be safe and complete in your hands!" 

Ohh can't see the price tag??? This is the part that makes me cry!!!


Ohh... but wait..... there's more tempatation... 20% Off!!!!!

So thats...


ouch ouch ouch!!!!

I went online and found one on www.music123.com

That's US$ incase you're wondering!

So that's....


$lightly cheaper but still... ouchy!

One day I'm gonna save enough cash to walk into the shop and test it and probably buy it!!!

Yesterday I got back from a night in Macau at the MGM hotel (Very very very niiiiiiiice)....

And Yeah!  I went gambling with hopes of making loads of cash to buy this baby... unfortunatly I barely broke even....  Hopefully I win the lucky draw and win one of these babies...

Then I can definitly buy the guitar!!! woohooo!!!! 

Being the sad bastard that I am.... I changed my desktop wall paper with this!

I see it everyday...

She will be mine!!! Ohh yes, she will be mine...

Got any names for her?

about 15 years ago 0 likes  25 comments  0 shares
Photo 61114
Hahaha wow. That is definitely worthy of being "Excalibur". And DAAAMN I forgot how hot Tia Carrere used to be!!!
about 15 years ago
Photo 65334
all this drooling and you havent even tried it, Don?!? what if you hate her sound???
about 15 years ago
I can build you one like it for a lot less than HK$46,546. Look at www.warmoth.com
about 15 years ago
Photo 33427
Sean's customs are dope Don - the Hello Kitty one has your name ALL over it. I'm drooling over a vintage ARP2600 synth, similar price tag, similar rareness, bugger to maintain and look after but not nearly as cool on stage though. Keyboardist's curse :'/
about 15 years ago
Photo 33427
And the car! The new Audi R8 is my pref.
about 15 years ago
Paradox din 81 20131002 din 116 edit
call it emo #3, or #3 emo. fit you well~~~~~~ wakakakaka
about 15 years ago
10527800 995836987877 2229692523636585837 n
hey man u better watch out, the way you're talkin about this, faye might get jealous and attack you in ur sleep!
about 15 years ago
For that much $, it ought to blow you and balance your checkbook too...
about 15 years ago
Call her Linda. That's the 1st name that popped up for me.
about 15 years ago
Photo 350725
There was a dragon Gibson Les Paul Custom in Tom Lee that i'd like to go and buy one day hah. If it's still there. Well I think there were 12 or something. Half of them made in red half made in black or something like that, limited edition for the 1997 handover. I saw a red one in one store, a black one in another, but don't know if they'll still be there. To be honest don't need them since I have a Gibson Les Paul Custom anyway, but, if I had money to blow on more Les Pauls, I was pretty tempted anyway!
about 15 years ago
Photo 350725
Btw good luck, hope you get it, did u try it though? Is it that good? How does it compare to an actual strat and tele? Because they're doing a lot of modern gimmicks nowadays even in Gibson and Fender.
about 15 years ago
Jasontobin 82 jasontobin
Buy it! You need it. You're a professional. You owe it to yourself.
about 15 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
i'm waiting to hear 'Dream Weaver' start playing in the background...
about 15 years ago
Photo 337367
names her "Helen from hell"!!!! heeheehee....
about 15 years ago
Photo 43610
don't worry man, you can pay by installments in Tom Lee, up to 24 months, hehehe
about 15 years ago
Photo 33427
Gould has the correct answer!
about 15 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
just get it! and it will save u all the troubles and the heart break....
about 15 years ago
Kevinli da kevinli
u should call it NELEH
about 15 years ago
good luck
about 15 years ago


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