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Roni Size, music videos and programming sessions

Hello all we have not updated this blog for a while, so here it is a summary of what we have been doing. Our friends at Magnetic Soul have been so good to invite us to perform at the upcoming Electronic Music Festival. This event will be head-lined by RONI SIZE, directly from UK, with MC Dynamite as a supporting act. We are honored to open for such a big artist that has been a real influence on our music and can't really wait to share the stage with him. For info:Read more

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Violent Jokes E.P. - "Falling" - out now.

The new VIOLENT JOKES E.P. - "Falling" is available to buy NOW.

You can buy this online at iTunes, Napster, Amazon and other good online stores.

You can also buy it at Agnes B Sport.  Available at their stores in Hong Kong.

Check it out.


Itunes URL:  Read more

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Upcoming concert

Hello We are going to play a concert on March 7th, together with Kongkrete Bass DJs, Drip Manila all the way from the Philippines and Synthetic Insemination. During the concert we will release our first EP and artworks by our band's artist, FISH, will be shown. Don't miss out.for infohttp://www.alivenotdead.com/hklive/March-7th-09-HK...Read more

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back to Italy and gig in December

hello,  i am off to Italy for a couple of weeks. Violent Jokes has been out of the stages for a while... we have all been quite busy with our day jobs... we are planning a 2009 full of music, though, and we will eventually release our first EP, which is presently almost completed... For all interested, our last gig of the year will be on December 27th at the Backstage. I and Simon will be coming back from Europe right on that day, landing in the afternoon.We hope planes won't let us down. In each and every meaning.... Read more

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Creative Commons - Hong Kong group

Hi,  after the seminar, as per the previous post, we decided to launch a Google Group, to facilitate music cooperation between Hong Kong artists. Basically it is a space where you upload your tracks and ask fellow members to remix-produce based on your ideas, the whole thing supported by the new concept of copyright introduced by cc. Snoblind has prepared an introductory note, which I post below. Please click the link if you are interested to join. It is obviously free and open to all kindred spirits... Cla------ Dear all,<...Read more

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Creative Commons Hong Kong

Hi all  my friends Snoblind sent us an invitation for a very good event in Hong Kong.I think artists on AliveNotDead should try and attend as much as possible, since this is of interest for all of us.check out the details in Vincent's email.Cla___________________We would like to introduce Creative Commons Hong Kong to you. As musicians in Hong Kong, we think CC is very useful to protect musicians' interest and their copyrights, and other people (such as writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers) who do creative work in Ho...Read more

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Market Melt-Down? We have the money...

i feel like posting this today, after weeks spent reading and worrying about my meagre finances...  a very in-depth analysis by a good journalist... it totally interpreters my point of view on the situation... We have the money 

By Chalmers Johnson  WE HAVE THE MONEY

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Hi all we will play at Club Cixi tomorrow for promoting Underground N.1 Compilation. You can download our tracks in low resolution here, or go to www.undergroundhk.com to buy the compilation.Or if you come to the concert tomorrow, you will receive the double CD included in the price of the entry ticket. See you there

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Ghost Tunes

Hi all I am attending a project with a few friends, here on AnD.

It is called Ghost Tunes.check here, for more info

GHOST TUNESIn the next few weeks, all of us attending will post some songs on this space.

I am working already on mine, with a friend from Italy, DJ w4ller.Here are the lyrics of the songPassing the CrossRoadI've got to slaughter you

I'd like to slaughter you

Fermenting poisonous

Turning vile humans disgu...Read more

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Downtempo/drum'n'bass trio, adds a lyrics-based vocalist to steadfastly jungle-based productions, performed with live instruments

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