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Irregular update, again!

Have been incredibly busy the last year (my last post was about 9 months ago I think?) ... apart from running my bar and opening a new techno club in HK called MIDNIGHT &  CO. (– as if those weren't enough work already) I've been keeping my head down producing, shooting and carrying out post-production on music videos for European techno & house producers. Attached is one of my prouder solo achievements – one man shoot and the lovely Michelle Lau looking quite awesome without any effort whatsoever on her part ... pretty good looking results I think. A few rough edges, but then that's deadlines for you.Full story behind the video at the Vimeo link. I'm still learning the ins & outs of cinematography so comments appreciated (my first 'job' as a camera operator on a professional shoot was literally just April 2011). Happy with progress thus far but still along way to go.Video:

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New MV I directed (& some VFX)

Video: it out! HD version well worth the bandwidth, and also available on my Vimeo page here: Video: there was no budget, I would not put this into the 'zero-budget' category – I aways find those statements a bit of a misnomer when you factor in the camera gear & software costs. Composited and graded with Nuke; edited with Text Edit, shot unsurprisingly on a Canon 5D ... wine was drunk out of paper cups and approximately 193 bottles of Kirin lager were consumed.

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VFX, 3D, want a job?

Busy busy busy!  2011 really is the year for changes; as a result I've only had time for three blog-posts ... sorry about that.After opening my new bar in January (see the blog post embarrassingly nearby on this same page!), I recently launched a second wave of attack – a new visual effects / post-production company. Based around a loose crew of very talented friends, armed with our very own green-screen studio, more cameras & equipment than you can shake a stick at, an entire warehouse jammed full of computers & bleeding edge software. It was Go Time, basically.And WE ARE HIRING ... Looking for Hong Kong residents skilled in 3D, full-time & part-time positions; work at home, work at our offices in Chai Wan ... SKILLED and KEEN with kind of <- many positions ... if you're in Hong Kong & have any experience with Nuke / Mari (we are licensed for both), Maya, Houdini, 3DSMax, RayFire, Flume, Krakatoa, Python programming .... you get the idea ... drop me a line."But I thought you did music?" ... good question. I still do & will do music. It's just no longer my personal focus. I've been mixing, producing, editing, fixing, tuning, polishing, scoring plus a tiny bit of mastering for well over a decade and quite frankly I needed to stretch my brain a bit more. The studio is still functional, we just stripped it back to the essentials to make room for everything else.Showreel & a website will eventually go online, but for now check out some of the studio renovation photos.

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Music Video: Be The One

I recently worked alongside Derrick Fong & Simon Yin (Bamboo Star) plus a whole crew of talented people, to assemble the music video shown below.  My role was creative producer, some technical / post-production and 2nd camera while on set / location. The indoor stuff was all shot in my space in Chai Wan, which is in the process of being kitted out into a 1000 sq ft green-screen studio for hire.

This is our entry into this year's Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors' Showcase, in conjunction with Vimeo, and as part of the showcase we had to pick a piece of music from Moby's new album.Am totally happy with the end result (all things considered! time, money, etc) and it was nice to be able to test out a few tricks in advance of our upcoming sci-fi project.Watch the embedded video below or visit the official video competition page to check out the ... competition!

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The Blck Brd - some photos

More photos here:

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my new bar - The Blck Brd

I've been off blogging for the last 6 months or so – and for good reason! – I recently opened my second bar in Hong Kong. My first venue was  Yumla (opened 2003), and I decided it was time to offer the people of HK something a bit different so I present to you The Blck Brd:The official opening parties will not take place until January 2011 (join our FaceBook page if you want to stay updated on those) however we ARE open for business RIGHT NOW – and if you like cigars, good wine, great whisky and sitting outside supping fantastic ale – come on over.And I'm here every night ;)6th Floor & Roof GardenNo.8 Lyndhurst TerraceCentral, HKSAR2PM until 2AM everyday

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