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Want to find out what's going on with the most prominent Foreign Meddlers in Hong Kong's protest scene?

Then go to HKFrontline. All the evil foreigners (and some evil locals) in one place!

Seriously (?), these guys are committed observers and journalists.

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Welcome to Hong Kong, where authorities turn a blind eye to illegal and unhealthy activities.

But getting rich is glorious, so I guess I should shut up.

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33D Invader/蜜桃成熟時33D Full-Length Commentary

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Can anyone link an article that talks about China's new security law applying to overseas activities of orgs w/China presence, i.e. unis?

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Nine-Dash Wall.

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Happy 4th of July. I love this photo more than anyone can know.

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Legs, abs, cardio. Everybody needs a hobby.

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