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Lau Ching Wan and Nic Tse prove they'll do ANYTHING to earn money for their kids' tuition. F@#$ this movie.

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Heartfall Arises/驚心破 Movie Review

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I should have listened to my mother and become a medical doctor...

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It's times like this that I would stipulate 'the CCP' instead of 'China', and I encourage others to do so. I don't blame an entire nation for the actions of their government, especially when their government encourages a paranoid victim mentality about the world's view of and actions towards that nation. It's not the nation, it's the government we dislike.

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Duterte's war on drugs is focusing on keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. China is the largest global supplier of precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of a panoply of illegal drugs.

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. @wilfredchan "It wasn’t until the mid-20th century that [n***er] became a racial slur." That's a lotta dumb.

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So... Does Sheena Easton hurt the feelings of the Chinese people?

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