Sean Tierney

Argh! I missed the tweet/link to latest 'cash for questions' UK/China issue. I can't make the Google work. Please help.

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12 Golden Ducks/12金鸭 Movie Review

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If hawkers sold milk powder, they'd probably get a government subsidy. Hong Kong: the best government money can buy. #KweilinSt

From Vegas to Macau II/賭城風雲Ⅱ Movie Review

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"Faster! Harder! So good!" Her entreaties should have driven him to a lustful frenzy. But he didn't speak Mandarin. #HK50ShadesOfGrey

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Sean Tierney

Actor , Screenwriter , Musician , Comedian , Author


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School U. of Rhode Island, Howard University
Location Hong Kong
Hometown Fresh off a Dimwit's Ass
Job Professional Asshole

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