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Cue up both songs on YouTube and hit play. It's shameless.

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Tagging Brendan Skwire...

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Every year I am astounded at how many birthday wishes I get. I've tried to personally thank everyone, and yet I know I didn't get them all. I'm dead tired from my day and I have another one tomorrow, so if you give me another 24 hours I will make sure I thank every one of you.

But for now, please know I'm touched and humbled. Thank you all!

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It took me a long time to reach this point, but it's worth it because it makes this song's title relevant.

Just play this loud enough to send your neighbors into an apoplectic fit.

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Happy birthday to me:

On the one hand, I can say it's an absolute shame that I will miss this wonderful chance at a really interesting (!) protest taking place on my birthday.

On the other, I can say that I'm missing it because I'm filming a part in a movie and therefore need to shut what they call 'the fxck up' and enjoy THAT as a birthday present.

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Welcome to Hong Kong.

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