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You've heard of a police state. Hong Kong is now a police city:

"Although two video clips submitted by the prosecution failed to show Ho Man-chung pushing the officer when being asked to leave, Magistrate Chu Chung-keung said he believed the officer's testimony. "

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Just look at https://t.co/r1wjYAroVj to see a lovely gallery of photos celebrating the end of a war. Or the beginning of one.

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China lost the most people to Japan. The Russians lost the most people.

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This just in: 66-year old country celebrates 70th anniversary of... oh for f@#$'s sake.

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Happy Hungry Ghost Festival!

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Knock Knock Who’s There?/有客到 Movie Review

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HK fans should emulate UK fans at Italy matches and chant "Where were you in World War Two?"

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