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So much for diet and exercise...

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Brings a whole new meaning to #Choklahoma.

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This short non-review is NSFW.

NSFW means Not Safe For Work, Joanne!!!

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A Short (NSFW) Mea Culpa/我是過失

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Ultimate Irony achievement unlocked. People's Daily gets treated like Chinese people.

I guess some animals really are more equal than others.

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Watch for the presidential cameo!

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The Bodyguard/特工爺爺 Movie Review

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My good friend and bassist Brendan Skwire has moved to Nashville. He already knows Brian Hinchliffe, but here's introducing him to Kenny Ames, Todd Austin, Röd Gibson, and Warner Hodges.

Brendan, if you have questions about Nash Vegas, these are the people to ask. If I ever manage to move back to America, I'm very likely to live there too.

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